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Professional Website Design for dummies

Professional Website Design for dummies

Web Design is something best left to professionals. There was a time, early in the days of the Internet when you could learn a little html coding and create a website. Later there was software that came along that allowed for a more robust website to be created with very little knowledge of programming. But in today’s business environment, there is simply too much to know in order to create an effective web presence.

Of course this is only in the area of business and making money. Anyone who wants to create their own website for fun, then have at it. But making money on the Internet or simply having a website to help make money offline has become both serious and competitive. It is not just a question of making a website, but making a website that customers will find both appealing and usable.

There is a body of knowledge that has been gathered over time which helps a web designer know what works and what doesn’t work. It is imperative that a business begin with a site that is both functional and appealing for Internet users. A website must also be optimized for search engines. For a business selling on the Internet, more than half of their customers may come from search engines. These search engines are constantly crawling the web searching for new websites and changes in websites. They look for keywords and phrases that are indexed so when a search is done, the most important sites are displayed in the results. A company making the bulk of their revenue online needs to have their website displayed in search results when keywords relating to their product are entered into the search engine.

The best time to optimize a website for a search engine is in the initial phase of the design of the website.

Building a website from scratch that is structurally optimized for search engines. If changes need to be made in the future for search engines, the website is already designed for this and modifications in content is easily done. This is also true of businesses that are not making their money online, but still need a website for users looking for a particular product or service. No one uses a phone book anymore, but a laptop, tablet, or most commonly, a smart phone. A local business may only have basic contact and product information on their site, but they still need to place high in search engine results to get local customers.

Claire Jarrett is writing on behalf of Media Tube, who offer web design South Gloucestershire and is a Web developer Bristol

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