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Quot;Piano Prince” is still Clayderman Romantic – steam vegetables steamer Manufacturer

Quot;Piano Prince” is still Clayderman Romantic – steam vegetables steamer Manufacturer

Tianjin Renmin power window on January 4: last night, hosted by the Rolling Stones Culture at the 2008 New Year’s, “Piano Prince” Clayderman once again set off an “elegant wave.” Although Clayderman has been fifty years old, but he has excellent performance to prove – that he is still representative of the romantic.

The return to Tianjin, Clayderman has brought a new modern genre, but the nostalgic track, especially the four pieces of Chinese music to the audience almost boiling, and won the enthusiastic audience response of “destiny”, “Autumn Japanese Whispers “and other classic songs were unexpectedly joined the heavy metal texture, these subtle changes make the audience think more highly of” piano prince “of bold innovation and superb skills. 4 pieces of Chinese music “Butterfly Lovers”, “best red sun” “I Love Beijing Tiananmen” and “My Motherland” playing to the audience again and again whom boiling inside. The end of the show, Clayderman speech was added the “my country”, encourages the melody sounded, the audience began singing accompaniment. In particular, some middle-aged fans, beat banner hand side, while burst out singing. For the first has infected hundreds of millions of Chinese music, “Piano Prince” was particularly into play, the whole atmosphere in the songs and sound of the piano’s should be and in the climax.

Excited to return to Tianjin so Clayderman, “I and this beautiful city is destined, 16 years I have performed 4 times to Tianjin, Tianjin witnessed great changes, and I’m pleased with the development of Tianjin.”

Clayderman is adapted and performed the world’s largest overseas Chinese music artists, his adaptation of Chinese music, “the sun the most red” and “Butterfly Lovers” and has been well received by the audience. “Is the beautiful melody of music that I forget to return, many journalists have asked me why so many of the Chinese adaptation of the music, what attracted me? My first exposure to Chinese music is in South America, listening to the track is the” beam Good, “the beautiful melody moved me greatly, prompted me to adapt to this piece of music.” Clayderman said firmly: “in the future as long as possible, I will continue to adapt China’s work, because I really like Chinese music. “

Clayderman that define his own style of work: romantic, melodic, accepted by the public. “I like some classical musicians such as Beethoven, Debussy and Chopin, I can not compare with them, and my music are more modern.” He said, “because I like the feeling of calm and good, so my also try to pursue this style of music. “Clayderman evaluate their own musical innovation is incremental,” I always try to do something innovative, including adding many modern musical elements. I recently recorded with the Chinese National Orchestra a new record, piano and try to combine classical Chinese instruments. “

For fifty years old in Clayderman, the “piano prince” of the title made him very happy. “As the prince and I like a little old,” he said, “but the title shows that people can accept me I am happy.” Clayderman life in many stubborn habits, such as no and press firmly with English communication, but to rely on French translations; such as mineral water must be made for the law’s Evian brand, dressing rooms must be dry towels and soap must be ready; example, in an interview, also wearing a pair of leather gloves … … Clyde Mann explains: “This is my professional habits, I own a 10 million francs fingers insured, in order to protect the finger before the show, I had to wear gloves, so can do some minor manual labor.”

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