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Review on IPage Hosting

Review on IPage Hosting

If people take a look at an overview of the service provider of web hosting called iPage, they would know that actually iPage is very experienced in the Internet world because it was set up in 1998. Since then, iPage had got a lot of customers and now it runs more than 1,000,000 websites as well as counting for its customers. One of the unique features offered by iPage is that it would provide a hosting service which is top notch and it would be user-friendly. As a result, website owners ranging from new to professional could all use the services of iPage. Besides, iPage would have a lot of measures to protect the websites of its clients and the security of the websites hosted by iPage would be high. Therefore, a lot of people would feel secured and comfortable when they try to visit the websites hosted by iPage.

About the web hosting plans, iPage actually have a lot of different types of plans. Although many web hosting companies would have different plans for clients, the plans from iPage are slightly different. It would provide a lot of website builders and there would also be a lot of advertising credits available. Of course, for disk space, MySQL databases, domains hosted, iPage would not set any limits. It means that nearly all the things that are needed by website owners would not have a limit. On the other hand, iPage would provide an anytime money-back guarantee, which is definitely the best for all website owners.

The reliability of iPage is also a credit. There are two data centers in iPage and there are more than 800 staff working for iPage. They would provide protection for clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They would try their best to improve the loading time and reduce interruptions. Therefore, this helps iPage stand out from all the web hosting companies.

The customer support of iPage is professional. Everyone in iPage would know what to do for each different problem encountered by the clients. Through the use of a tool free phone number, live chat or email, customers could get support every second. The response time of iPage staff is very quick, which is regarded as one of the quickest among all the service providers, so new website owners would find a lot of support with iPage.

In fact, iPage is also well-known of its green web hosting initiatives. It would offer 100% green web hosting services to its clients, which is something that cannot be offered by every web hosting company. They would try to use some electricity sources from renewable energy so that the clients would have a reduced carbon footprint. Moreover, some of the iPage staff would even try to ride their bicycles to work and do some other green acts like using papers for both sides, etc. iPage is always willing to help save the world and build a green habit for its clients.

Therefore, iPage is one of the most reliable and one of the greatest web hosting companies. It has top customer services and wide range of choices in the plans of web hosting.

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