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Right Web Hosting Service with Cloud Server to Improve Online Presence

Right Web Hosting Service with Cloud Server to Improve Online Presence

Website hosting has been gaining prominence among the business enterprise at a large scale as every organization wants to achieve worldwide popularity. Hosting allows website to be supported on Internet and is accessible via World Wide Web. Several companies provide hosting services considering the hardware requirement and platform for server, disk space and bandwidth requirement of clients. Therefore, it becomes necessary for clients to choose a company which is reliable and holds immense expertise.

According to the need of clients, Windows platform such as Windows NT or Windows 2000 servers is rendered if using Visual Basic scripts, Active Server Pages (ASP) or Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL database. Linux platform can be helpful for programming languages such as SSI, PHP, Perl, CGI or MySQL database. Other important factor to be focused for rendering web hosting services is the disk space and bandwidth required. Disk space of 200 MB to 500 MB is needed for website hosting. A website with number of graphic pictures, mp3 or video files requires a huge disk space of around 500 MB to 1000 MB. Bandwidth with 40 GB to 100 GB per month is needed for websites attracting high traffic.

To boost online business, Cloud servers play a crucial role that harness flexibility and scalability. These types of servers are the key drivers in deploying onto cloud provided by cloud computing. Rapid provisioning of computing resources is provided by this server to firms of all sizes that add new computing hardware for increasing number of user traffic. It is preferred over other servers as it provides quick procurement of servers by taking few hours for provisioning dedicated server in hours and shared Virtual Private Server in few minutes. Moreover, cloud server is economically efficient as it un-provisions the resources to reduce operational expense when public cloud vendor charges hourly rental.

The applications like ERP and CRM are quickly deployed by cloud server which is pre-configured to host. These applications consume computing resources with the help of cloud hosted servers without affecting its performance and efficiency. The server is advantageous in developing, testing and deploying an entire solution. An organization can focus entirely on product development as it involves virtually zero maintenance.

The cloud server is fully secure and possesses load balance feature, which allows transferring data from one server to another. Excellent capability of scalability is ensured by these servers that also allow downloading number of software at the same time without interrupting browsing. Making wise business decisions, reducing capital and operational cost and facilitating provisioning cloud computing servers allow businesses to pay attention to other factors like infrastructure to meet their IT resources whenever required.

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