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Share Point Hosting

Share Point Hosting

In order to know what SharePoint Hosting is, it is important to know what SharePoint is. Microsoft SharePoint is a collection of web based tools and applications for websites. Tools for process management, document management and collaboration can be found as a part of Microsoft SharePoint. It also provides functionality for hosting websites and supports Wikis and Blogs.

SharePoint Hosting provides a user friendly way to manage web resources. It provides greater web storage for your documents and web components. This allows easier connectivity and lets everybody update files easily. SharePoint helps you to create a virtual collaborative environment across your company. The other advantages of SharePoint hosting are:

1.Completely Web Based: You dont have to download and install any software with Share Point Hosting. Your website can be managed with just your web browser. This means you can access your online documents from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

2.Cost Effective: For your hosted SharePoint website, you dont have to buy or download any kind of hardware or software. SharePoint is an extremely cost effective solution for Small Business and low budget websites. The hosting space can be increased as your website and organization grows.

3.Scalable and Flexible: SharePoint hosting allows you to create any number of users with different access rights. It is also hassle free. There is a managed server and monitored environment on which the website runs. You do not have to worry about installation, maintenance, updates or upgrades.

4.Seamless Integration: You can link your hosted SharePoint website with any other interface like Hosted Exchange with Outlook, browsers and other web applications.

5.Platform for Customization: SharePoint provides templates that you can use as is or customize according to your needs. It also allows you to create your own web based application to further enhance efficiency.

6.Contact Lists: It allows you to synchronize your contact list from mobiles and Outlook. These lists can also be shared with other people who access your account.

SharePoint hosting not provides you with a web hosting platform, but also creates and manages a virtual collaborative environment through your website.

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