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Should You Get Free Or Paid Website Hosting?

Should You Get Free Or Paid Website Hosting?

Simply put, if you have a website, then it’s hosted on a server somewhere. The server is a component of the web hosting provider that is set up by the web host to store and manage data and applications for a website.

There are 2 kinds of web hosts: free and paid. Both can be found from website hosting directories. These are a helpful source of information that list and compare features of both free and paid hosting services. Paid hosting services tend to feature more prominently on such sites. Users are naturally more concerned about the service they receive if they’re paying more for it.

Free web hosting solutions are just that, free. Or are they? Free website hosting providers may not charge a single dime, but you might find yourself paying in other ways. Bandwidth availability is usually limited on free hosting sites. This is not a problem if you have a simple website. Free hosting sites may also place ads on web pages to offset hosting costs, whether the webmaster wants it or not.

Maintenance service from a free host provider may also be inconsistent, intermittent or even nonexistent. Conversely, there is a tendency not to notify users when much needed maintenance are carried out. This can result in much annoyance and frustration for the users, but complaints are often futile because, hey, they’re not paying for anything!

On the other hand, paying for website hosting services allows a larger degree of freedom where website personalization and data management are concerned. Bandwidth availability is hardly an issue and the user can determine the advertising to be published on the site, if at all. There are a wide variety of hosting packages available with extremely competitive prices. However, even paid hosting is not immune to the hazard of poor maintenance and lack of technical support, so it would be wise to compare user experiences and testimonials before deciding on hosting service.

A website is a great way to increase your presence on the World Wide Web. Make sure to compare all aspects of a web host provider before settling on one host.

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