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The benefits of reseller website hosting

The benefits of reseller website hosting

The number of websites in the world has increased dramatically since the 1990s, leaping from some 100,000 sites in 1996 to an estimated 234 million in 2009.

This growth in websites has been accompanied by an expansion in web hosting which has now matured in to a global industry.

Web hosting, however, comes in many shapes and sizes. Services range in size from the home hobbyist turning their home PC in to a web server, hosting a site over their home ADSL connection, to multinational web hosts supporting enterprise-scale websites.

There are however some business people who are attracted to being web hosts, but, for understandable reasons, are put off by the demands of setting up an IT infrastructure, renting a business property, and managing staff.

For such entrepreneurs, a reselling package can be ideal solution. In a reselling agreement an established web hosting company leases out space on a server to an individual, or smaller company, who can then go ahead and set up their own web hosting service for others.

Resellers have the freedom to host as many sites as are appropriate for the leased space. They can also set their own prices, and their own hosting packages.

A reselling package, especially if you are website hosting from EUKHost, presents a real opportunity to create a profitable business.

Should you choose a reselling package with EUKHost we will give you great technical support, and do our best to give your business the lift-off it needs. Your website hosting by EUKHost can be completely anonymous, so your clients won’t know that you are using a third party.

With reseller website hosting by EUKHost you will also benefit from free end-user support. Your customers can either email our helpdesk through an anonymous address or you can redirect support emails to us.

All in all, reselling offers a speedy and effective means of getting your own web hosting business up and running.

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