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The Cloud Above the Internet: Unlimited Space for Everyone

The Cloud Above the Internet: Unlimited Space for Everyone

The ballast tanks of a submarine help it dive into the water by filling it with water and using its weight to pull it down to a desired depth. A submarine does not fill its ballast tanks unless it has to, mainly to keep out of the enemy’s sight. The submarine is just an example to explain cloud computing in a nutshell.

Billions log in and out of the Internet every day, putting stress on the server. A business can buy a fixed number of servers, but this has two adverse effects: either it pays for the bandwidth not being used at the time; or it cannot handle a larger number of visitors properly. Cloud computing solves these effects by allocating more bandwidth when needed. The business only pays for extra bandwidth at times it needed more space the most.

Frequently-visited websites, such as social networking and vide sharing platforms, use cloud computing to maintain stable traffic even under large volumes of visitors. As a result, visitors can enjoy a site’s services even in peak hours. Everyone can watch movies, listen to music, update statuses, and do other things.

No wonder these websites do not run out of space for media like e-mail and videos: the “cloud” makes it possible. A cloud grows in size the more it condenses water vapor until it gets the urge to release its payload. Many e-mail providers offer unlimited data storage—and they have cloud computing to thank for that.

For video platforms and hosting sites, cloud computing is an invaluable asset to them. Not only they can store more videos uploaded by their users, but also more people can view them at any given time. You don’t have to worry about slowing down, as cloud computing allocates enough space for incoming visitors. Cloud video hosting is a great way for more people to view your videos.

Whether you compare them to submarines or clouds, cloud based video delivery gives a video more exposure. Your video won’t miss a beat especially when it comes to online marketing. You know that you have a cloud above your head you can count on.

For a more detailed explanation on how cloud computing works, has a presentation you can check out. It may help you understand that cloud based video delivery is essential for a major spike in your business. After all, there is no limit as to how big a cloud can get.

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