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Timberline Tutorial Help

Timberline Tutorial Help

Estimates are important when bidding for construction projects. Competitions on estimates are so steep that many construction companies try to outdo each other in order to land projects. This practice often benefits consumers but may, at times, give construction owners headaches.

If you own a construction business, you probably want to improve your estimates so you can keep an edge. Reliable estimates may result in more income, and this could mean building a good reputation among clients. If this is your dream for your company, you should try estimating software like Timberline.

Timberline offers solid estimating features that will help you make estimates for different structures. It can help you update current estimates easily, and it can enable you to manage client portfolios better. If youve already bought Timberline but have not yet started using it, here are some tips to help you get started.

Try the learn-as-you-go method

The Timberline software you buy has an online guide to answer various questions and possible scenarios when using the software. You can use this online system as your own Timberline consultant and apply the techniques here as you practice using Timberline on your computer. You can make a self-evaluation checklist as you go and see how youve progressed. By doing this, you experience hands-on learning and wont need another persons help.

Have a friend or colleague guide you

You may know someone whos familiar enough with and has sufficient knowledge on Timberline software. This person can help you in Timberline estimating features. Your friend or colleague may help you cover the basics and may even demonstrate how a particular interface works. A colleague with timberline knowledge may even impart tips and let you ask all your questions. Best of all, you dont have to pay for any service fee by employing this method.

Attend a class

If you want a comprehensive learning package to learn timberline, go for a Timberline consultant class. Some people may feel more comfortable in a classroom setting because the environment is better controlled. Most timberline training classes have experienced lecturers so this adds to their reliability. If youre planning to go on a class, consult websites for companies offering this lecture so youd know current prices.

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