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Top 8 Advantages of cPanel Hosting

Top 8 Advantages of cPanel Hosting

CPanel hosting is a commonly used term to indicate website control software which allows users to manage their websites via a simple and easy to use control panel. It is popular among website owners because of its simplicity as it allows users to maintain, modify and update their website without any technical help. Due to its ease of use, web hosting companies also use it more frequently as it lessens customer support workload and client queries.

Some of the top advantages of cPanel hosting are given below.

1. Features

CPanel offers a host of features to customers and allows them to manage their domain names and MYSQL databases. It also allows customers to upload files through a file manager or protect their online folders and directories via password protected directories. It also offers other features useful for website management such as weblogs, shopping carts, spam filters and error reporting among others.

2. User Friendly

CPanel is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Most web hosting companies prefer cPanel hosting because it allows all sorts of clients to manage website without any problems. Even if the client has no technical knowledge about hosting and is fairly new to the hosting job, cPanel hosting offers videos and tutorials for such users and makes their job easier.

3. Security

Initially, cPanel was believed to have bugs, however, with the passage of time, the software has improved and is now considered to be the most reliable and secure control panel software.

4. Add More Features

As the business grows, the website needs also change and you may need to use more features to make your website functional and attractive. CPanel also allows users to add in more features according to their business and website needs. One such feature which may be added later on is Fantastico, however, some web hosting companies also offer it with the initial package. Fantastico allows users to add more scripts gradually increasing the web development options for your website.

5. Access From Any Part Of The World

Another advantage of cPanel is hosting is that it allows users to modify the website content from any part of the world via a unique control panel URL. Thus, even if you are away on a business trip, you can easily modify your website via the control panel and all you may need is the URL, internet and your account details.

6. Supported by Different Operating Systems

CPanel has been designed in a way to support different operating systems which the clients may use. CPanel is compatible with Windows and MAC OSX operating systems allowing clients all kinds of OS to use the software. Due to this support, the CPanel might be used by all sorts of web hosting companies.

7. Frequent Software Updates

It is also very easy to update cPanel as it releases its software updates very often, usually every other day. This allows customers to have the latest additions to the software which might be useful for their website.

All these above mentioned advantages are the reason why cPanel hosting is so famous among business owners and why most providers offer cPanel hosting today.

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