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Top Social Media Sites for Small Business

Top Social Media Sites for Small Business


You know that social media works, but how do you find out what social media sites are the best for your small business? The truth is, there are dozens of different social media networks that can help you to expand your business. However, there are a few that stand out from the rest:

1) Facebook

By far the leading competitor of all social media for business websites is Facebook. Whether you conduct a search for your mother, your brother, your teacher, or your best friend, you can almost guarantee that they will have a profile on this website. In the last two years, Facebook has skyrocketed in popularity, making it the most popular social media marketing tool. The sad truth is, if you don’t already have a Facebook business profile, you are already 5 steps behind your competitors. Your target market is already there. Where are you? With Facebook you can easily communicate with customers through public messages, private messages, or even real-time conversations. You can also easily share updated information, photos, videos, and other applications that may spark the interest of potential clients. See how I use Facebook to spread the word about my business and build a fan base. You might also like my page while you are there.

2) Twitter

Another of the leading social media sites for small business and definitely my favorite one is Twitter. While not quite as popular as Facebook, Twitter still ranks among the top social media sites with over 200 million worldwide users. Twitter’s entire concept can be summed up in one question, “What are you doing?” Once a business profile has been created, the owner consistently updates the answer to this question, providing potential customers with information and insights into the business as they go. Like Facebook, Twitter also allows you to send private and public messages and share links and files such as photos and videos. Connect with me on Twitter and stop by to say “hi” and watch how I use this great tool to grow my business.

3) YouTube

Whether it be a music video or a documentary, at one point in time we have all watched a video on YouTube. And because so many people watch videos on YouTube it is a great type of social media for business. The most obvious and effective way to attract customers on YouTube is through paid advertisements. Nevertheless, a lot of business owners are now sharing videos on YouTube to attract attention to their business. Whether it be a walkthrough of a store, a commercial, a video presentation, or answers to a variety of frequently asked questions, YouTube can be a great way to share information with clients in an interesting yet informative way. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch videos helping you build and grow your online business strategically.

4) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great social media platform you might want to check out. It’s more professional than Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and it allows you to connect with other like-minded people or even your prospects and clients, share ideas, knowledge, and opportunities. With LinkedIn you can easily create a professional profile, keep in close contact with other professionals, find experts, share information, search for ideas, and explore or offer career opportunities.

If you are a small business owner, it is time to set up a social media account. When it comes to social media for business Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are among the most popular social media tools today. However, there are many more out there so feel free to explore your options and connect with clients using as many social media tools as you wish. To learn how to use social media platforms strategically to build your customer base and grow your business, learn more about my Social Media Simplified program. I’ll be looking forward to help you create your very own smart strategy for social media.


Silvia Pencak is The Magnetic Branding Expert and Mentor. For over 7 years Silvia kept building successful venues in Europe and Canada. She became known as the expert in building a powerful brand and is often asked for advice in management, marketing and organizational areas of building a powerful small business brand. She understands that the power of branding, authenticity, relationship building and marketing efforts can make or break a successful business. Silvia shares her expertise online at to help other women entrepreneurs build successful brand and to support those who don’t settle for a mediocre business and average lifestyle.



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