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Understanding a Top Web Hosting Companies List

Understanding a Top Web Hosting Companies List

One of the hardest things about shopping for technical services is understanding what’s offered. Web hosts offer an array of services. Some of them are intended for individual users and some of them are intended for businesses. There are services that are valuable to both, of course, but business sites are usually the only ones that require the truly complex services. A top web hosting companies list can be useful in sorting through what’s out there. A bit of a brush-up on the services these businesses commonly offer is useful in determining which one is right for you.

A web hosting company usually offers both dedicated and virtual servers. Virtual servers are sometimes called shared servers, as well. Virtual and shared servers are used as a home for several different web sites. These servers are usually most suitable for the smaller companies in the world and for individual users. They are usually vastly simplified in their interfaces and this allows even novice users to navigate through the setup process fairly easily. Dedicated servers are a different story entirely. These servers require a lot of technical ability to manage and are designed for larger web sites.

When you have dedicated hosting, it means that you have complete control over an entire machine. This type of service is usually used by business clients who have very large, complex sites or who have several different domains that they want to host on the same machine. Setting up and maintaining these servers will require a technician. In most cases, these accounts come with a machine that only has an operating system on it, if that. You’ll be responsible for setting up the machine from scratch. Another option that combines a dedicated host with convenience is called managed hosting.

If your hosting is managed, it means that you have a dedicated web server but that a technician at the facility where it is housed takes care of it for you. You simply tell them what you’re setting up and what you need, as far as you know. They’ll guide you through the rest of the process, making sure that you have the right operating system installed and that your server is secure enough to be opened up to visitors before it’s brought online. This service is very popular with businesses that have sophisticated web presences but no technicians on staff.

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