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Understanding the Advantages of cPanel Hosting

Understanding the Advantages of cPanel Hosting


C-panel, short for control panel is a web hosting control panel that provides an automated tools design and a graphical interface to reduce the work involved in hosting a website. 

Advantages of CPanel

The cPanel offers users worldwide a wide array of features and applications that have led it to secure a place at the realm of the industry as an easy to use platform. Some of the benefits reaped from using cPanel include;

Very simple to use

The community behind the cPanel work tirelessly to ensure that you have very few problems while working with it. They have come up with a variety of tutorials, videos, step by step screenshots and forums that make it an intuitive interface. This information gives users the ability to administer their own website accounts minus the hustle of seeking help from customer care. There is a special set up wizard for new users, Getting Started Wizard that includes both cPanel and WHM set ups.

cPanel security advantage

The cPanel software is created out of the latest technology to offer you a high level of security. This software also keeps your server secure from major online threats like XSS attacks and sea surfing. Rootkit and virus protection are just two among a variety of tools that give users the ability to lock down your server and prevent it from experiences problems. The WHM security center makes it easy to configure the different security settings on your server. These configurations increase the level of privacy and security on your site.

High reliability

CPanel boasts of having self monitoring software that will notify users via e-mail, text or instant messaging services in the event of any problems. This software also attempts to restart any failed service on the server making it very reliable for any purpose.

Aside from being self monitoring software, this software automatically updates itself allowing you to always be at the top of your game. These automatic updates are not static as cPanel allows you to control when they can take place and or completely disable them on your server as per your desire. At the ease of a few mouse clicks, the EasyApache interface gives you the freedom to add support for any new wed techs you may have. To enable or disable any feature, simply check or uncheck the specific feature and update.

Extensive features of cPanel

API and Hooks

CPanel offers a variety of APIs that work at increasing the functions your server. These APIs are used to automate certain functions performed by the cPanel and WHM. They allow users to create and configure various accounts to fit their needs. CPanel also has several hooks that allow users to insert their own scripts in times when the cPanel is used for tasks like updating MySQL or changing passwords.

Consumer support

Aside from being at the realm of the global industry, cPanel also has the largest web community that doubles up as a customer care center. This online service is available every day and night including holidays and at no cost. cPanel also offers phone support at a small cost.



Jammie is an internet pro who has for years used a variety of web hosting platforms, including cpanel hosting which he belives is an ideal choice in the current very comptetitive and demand driven platforms.

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