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Virtual Desktop Hosting ? cloud computing for desktops

Virtual Desktop Hosting ? cloud computing for desktops

Virtual Desktop Hosting – an integrated custom built, secured, centrally managed platform that allows you an easy access to your computer applications anywhere, anytime, making you feel at home.

How Virtual Desktop Hosting works –

Using the login, simply access your operating system and data housed in the data center remotely.
Using virtual desktop hosting application you can connect to your virtual server from a small terminal, PC, laptop, thin client or mobile at your location over an Internet Connection and gain access to your business applications, data files, emails and more

Benefits –

Virtual Desktops increases flexibility as data can be accessed from anywhere home, office, on the road.
Your data is always secure, backed up and available from any location.
Helps you collaborate with your colleagues
Works efficiently and effectively from anywhere.
Virtual Desktops makes it easier to store, organize files due to the centralized nature.
High levels of data security.
Shared Resources: Desktop virtualization takes advantage of the shared resources model such as by allowing each virtual desktop to operate as a completely self-contained unit with its own application programs. Overall hardware expenses may diminish as users can share resources allocated to them as they are needed rather than dedicating the resources as is common in a standard computer.
Reduced Downtime: A Virtualized desktop is hardware independent. Should a local computer fail, the computer can be replaced with another computer and the new computer can be used immediately to connect to the virtualized desktop. No restoration of data from backups is needed.
Desktop Image-Management Capabilities: A virtualized desktop can be cloned, saved, restored, backed up, and otherwise managed independent of the hardware that a user uses to connect to the virtualized desktop.
Secure Remote Access to an Enterprise Desktop Environment: Virtualization potentially improves the data integrity of user information because all data can be maintained and backed-up in the data center

All of the software licensing, system maintenance, backups is handled by the hosting company; thus, never have to purchase network equipments, license or upgrades again.

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