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VPS OR Dedicated Hosting – A Comparison

VPS OR Dedicated Hosting – A Comparison

VPS is a new and highly advanced hosting technology that is quite popular today. Dedicated hosting has been around for quite some time and is very popular with large companies because of its features, flexibility and reliability. However, it involves a staggering initial investment and large maintenance costs. If you are confused between both these options, the comparison points given below will help you make a decision.

Control in Hosting

VPS and dedicated hosting both provide you complete control over your account and your websites. You will be able to enjoy flexibility to allocate resources the way you want. Both technologies are similar when it comes to control.

Hardware Required

In order to have a dedicated sever you will require expensive hardware. The infrastructure required is quite complex since your system will only be used by you. On the other hand, with virtual servers there is no infrastructure required and therefore no need for you to invest in hardware.

The Cost

With dedicated hosting the biggest drawback is the expense it involves. You will have to invest a considerable sum in infrastructure, maintenance and upkeep of the hardware. With VPS, your expenses will be very reasonable since the actual server is shared between many uses and is divided among all of them.


With virtual servers you will require some amount of experience handling servers since it is a little complex. However, when it comes to performance it delivers the same as dedicated hosting. Your server will be reliable and will have very few technical glitches. Your system will be secure and isolated from the other users on the same account. Your resources will not be shared, just like with dedicated hosting and therefore there will be high level of security for you.

As it can be seen from all the points discussed above, it can be seen that the features, performance and flexibility of both these options are the same. However, if affordability is a main concern for you then VPS would be the ideal choice.

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