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Web Hosting India Embodies Versatility

Web Hosting India Embodies Versatility

Web Hosting India is not your typical mom and pop hosting service. It does much better than that. Yes, the traditional forms of hosting are offered like shared, dedicated, virtual private server and cloud. However, all of these are delivered to the client with some really special features such as the domain control panel, domain forwarding, DNS Management, mail forwarding, privacy protection, domain registration etc.

A Web Hosting Company India usually offers technologically advanced solutions such as Corporate Mail Solutions, VPS Server Hosting, SSL Certificate, Payment Getaway, Merchant Account and Reseller Hosting.

The hosting packages are delivered with a control panel to help manage with tasks such as starting and stopping services, adding users, domains, requesting for new IP Addresses, performing back-ups etc. Most of these features are available with almost every VPS Hosting package such as the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. SSL ensures secure transactions between the web servers and browsers.

Talking about versatility, there is much more to the hosting packages than the usual hosting forms. A Web Hosting Company India offers e-commerce solutions as well besides these. The Reseller Hosting program is primarily offered in three types, namely the Bulk Domain name Reseller, Web Hosting Reseller, Site Design/Development Referrals.

Web Hosting India for Webmasters is available with enhanced disk space and unlimited core features, besides plenty of data transfer, e-mail accounts, FTP Accounts and My SQL Databases. All hosting plans include the Plesk Website Builder, and get a firm backing by being empowered with 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee.

Some of the services offered by a Web Hosting Company India include domain registration, payment getaway, SSL Certification and VPS Hosting in addition to all the various forms of web designing including the likes of static web designing, e-commerce web designing, customized web designing, dynamic web designing, flash web designing and website redesigning.

The company also deploys its team to of SEO Consultants, Web Designers, Content Writers, Website Developers, programmers, Server Administrators and Marketing Professionals to ensure your site is well taken care of and all aspects of its growth and expansion are dealt with positively.

A Web Hosting India Company should be chosen on account on account of the factors mentioned below:

Web Space: The Company at the time of availing the service allocates definitive web space. Also ask whether additional web space will be provided or not. This helps expand the business.

FTP Access: This is one of the critical issues that deserve to be looked into while choosing a company. FTP Access facilitates the uploading of new pages in the near future while you try to augment your online business.

Bandwidth: One needs to check into this as well. Whether the provider accounts for adequate bandwidth for easy data transfer or not deserves to be looked into.

Finally, the degree of reliability matters a lot, in addition to security and speed of access.

All these factors make the service highly versatile, empowering it with the ability to host any kind of website irrespective of the enormity of features or complications.

John Anthony is Internet Marketing Consultant and currently associated with IDS Web Hosting, provide Linux Web Hosting India, windows web hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, services and more.

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