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What Cloud Computing Providers Are Doing Regarding Security Concerns

What Cloud Computing Providers Are Doing Regarding Security Concerns

Every day, more and more businesses migrate from their dedicated servers to the cloud. Cloud computing attracts people because of its promise to provide scalable and relatively cheaper service.
However, because users have less control over the constructions and operation than with infrastructure that they own regarding security of information is prevalent among cloud hosting clients. Since users share hardware and (storage) with other clients, users worry that if one user is attacked it will also affect the rest of the tenants in the cloud.
Concerns like these, instead of being negated are being addressed by hosting companies. Software improvement is on top of their list but here are other things these companies are doing:
They advise their clients to set up SSO
Most hosting companies advise their clients to set up a single sign on system to ensure that users in their system are properly authenticated before they can access anything. This allows for protection of the sensitive data being passed on through the cloud.
They recommend encryption
The hosting companies support the fact that users will have to make sure that no sensitive information is left unprotected. Sending messages in their raw form is like luring crooks to steal your information. Hosting companies also suggest that the firewall protecting the businesses” internal network be upgraded regularly to maintain optimum protection against any leak.
Suggest that users conduct an audit
Since improvement is the main concern when it comes to information technology, users are encouraged to conduct an audit of services and policies so that they will always be relevant. Providing input to the hosting company will result in the creation of a more secure setup that will greatly benefit your business.
Communication between the hosting company and the client is very vital in an industry like information technology. When both parties engage in constructive dialogue, the result always tends to lead to improvement in the cloud computing system. This will then eventually lead to coming up with something that will reassure users about security in the cloud.
Top Hosting Center is one of the many cloud (hosting) companies that believe that the cloud has more potential and will become even better. Because Top Hosting Center is PCI compliant, clients can expect nothing but security and stability.

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