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What Is Php Hosting And Why It Is Considered A Popular Hosting Option?

What Is Php Hosting And Why It Is Considered A Popular Hosting Option?

PHP is a web programming language that is used extensively for web development and Internet based applications. PHP is undoubtedly one of the most popular languages when it comes to making websites and therefore it isnt surprising that PHP web hosting is also quite a well-known alternative. One of the reasons on why PHP is so popular is because it is a language that is even preferred by the programmers since its basic foundation lies in C++ syntax programming, which most programmers are familiar with.

What is PHP Hosting? PHP hosting uses the PHP language to host a particular website and it is a preferred option with most developers because PHP is extremely compatible with MySQL. PHP hosting is cheap, reliable and it can easily handle many advanced web applications. PHP hosting is also compatible with about 99% of databases and can easily communicate with them.

PHP web hosting features and advantages?
There are undoubtedly a host of benefits and advantages of using PHP web hosting for any website whether it is a regular website or an e-commerce website. In recent years PHP hosting has gained immense recognition and there are quite a few benefits due to which PHP enjoys such a privileged status.

One of the foremost reasons for PHPs widespread popularity is it is open source and absolutely free for both personal and commercial purpose. Therefore one does not need to separately purchase licensing fee to create a PHP website. This undoubtedly turns out to be more affordable and hence web hosting providers can offer cheap php hosting plans
The second advantage that PHP has is its close relationship with MySQL database since MySQL is quite popular for web applications such as Wikipedia and PHP-Nuke. MySQL complements PHP by being the back-end tool. Hence, PHP and MySQL are great choices for webmasters looking to automate their websites.
The other advantage that PHP has over others is that it is quite easy to use and can function really fast. PHP is quite simple and easy to learn and even HTML codes can be easily integrated into it. With a PHP website even the website gets uploaded quickly because it contains Apache module that is written in C

How to choose best PHP web hosting company?

When searching for a cheap php hosting plan you would need to compare the various plans being offered by web hosting providers. You need a web hosting provider that helps you with setting up your website at reasonable costs and is willing to provide excellent customer support. An ideal php web hosting company would be the one that offers all the following features:

The web hosting provider should have enough experience and expertise in providing quality and reliable PHP web hosting service.
The web hosting company should be able to provide sufficient space and bandwidth to host your site successfully.
Since php is an open source and is free, therefore the web-hosting provider should offer you a cheap php hosting plan that is bundled with all the basic features you may be looking at.
Another important factor is excellent customer support that the hosting company must be willing to offer and troubleshoot any concerns or issues you might face with the website.

Today PHP is widely popular for web development. Author has sound knowledge of PHP and he would like to share knowledge about PHP web hosting. Also provides information about reseller web hosting and its benefits.

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