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What You Need to Know About Domain Registration

What You Need to Know About Domain Registration

When you register a domain name, you need to insert your personal details during the registration and this detail will be listed on the WHOIS database. Not to worry, you details like phone numbers and address can be hidden by your web host for privacy. This is good to protect you from spam but the web hosting company cannot prevent any protection from law enforcement agencies.

You should be aware that you details are kept by the registrar. Therefore, if your registrar suddenly goes bankrupt, you will have a hard time proving the ownership you have over your domain. Well, there are some companies that register details on a third party for precaution. The truth is, the owner of the domain must have the legal details about a domain. They should have the details like address, password, and username and so on to prove that they own the domain.

For someone who does not renew his domain registration, his domain will be listed for auction. It will have a grace period and the owner can still get back his domain but he or she will have to pay penalties. If no claim is made, that domain will be release from the ICANN or Verisign database. When this happens, the owner must now compete with others to bid for the domain. This is actually all unnecessary if the owner renew his domain.

Sometimes, issues regarding trademark can also lead to lose of domain ownership. This type of problem usually requires court case to settle before any action is taken by the registrar. There is no refund and the registrar will only deduct the cost from the balance you have in your account. So, be sure to notice you domain expire date so that you don’t get yourself in this kind of situation. But if you do not want your domain name, it will be a different case.

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