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Which HostGator Coupon Will Work Best For You

Which HostGator Coupon Will Work Best For You


HostGator has been around the block providing internet hosting services since 2002. They provide a number of services, including but not limited to – shared hosting service. This type of hosting is primarily used by beginners and those looking to host website without too much headache or overhead of staff. It offers ease of use along with ease of installing and removing new software on your hosting accounts. If you are looking for deals on this type of hosting there are specific coupon codes for shared hosting. This hosting is followed by reseller hosting. Reseller hosting account lets you play a hosting service provider yourself. You can create any number of new hosting accounts, enforce bandwidth or storage limitations. This hosting has its own coupons that can get you the best deal. Both shared and reseller accounts have one thing in common they share a hosting server with other users. This can cause serious problems if other users start running resource intensive processes or if they start using up too much CPU time. It can slow your website down. Causing major customer service issues for you or your business. There are work around for it, one option is to go for a hosting plan upgrade.

With Hosting upgrade, you get better speed, more assured memory availability and more guaranteed disk space availability. One option is to go with a VPS server. VPS servers are generally perfect for low cost startup that needs a dedicated machine with root access to run scripts that need to execute at lower levels in the server. It is also suited for applications that require secure environment to process credit card and other transactions. It also guarantees availability of memory, hard disk space and CPU resources. HostGator VPS coupons can offer up to 25% off on first month of signup giving you a significant savings. VPS hosting is a good first step before your move on to the dedicated hosting. It allows you to manage and run a full server like environment before you actually move on and start using a dedicated server.HostGator also provides dedicated hosting service. These service comes in multiple types that are classified based on CPU used in the server and other resources installed on that machine. With a dedicated server you get a choice of CPU, memory and hard disk. When you choose these are tied to those specifications. You can lot of horsepower to serve large amounts of traffic. Dedicated servers tend to work well for businesses that are already established and looking to serve more customers. A dedicated server tends to need more management of its activities. Coupons for dedicated server can give you a significant amount off on your first month hosting service. As a special option HostGator offers Dedicated windows hosting as well. Most hosting accounts use Linux as their base operating system. With Windows option you can run some of the Microsoft Licensed software such as MS SQL server and IIS. These servicers allow you to run programs written in .NET . Windows hosting is not suitable for all users, think before you decide to go down this path. If it fits the strategy you are following then you should sign up for it.

I have worked in web hosting industry for over 10 years. I started working with web hosts in post dot com bubble, it was a tough time in web space and that’s when I learned the most on how to stretch the dollars available.

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