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Will Kerio Connect’s WebMail Offer You More Than Outlook Web Access?

Will Kerio Connect’s WebMail Offer You More Than Outlook Web Access?

When you can’t get to the office and access a computer, webmail provides a great solution to staying in communication with clients and coworkers. This is particularly beneficial for salespeople who are frequently traveling and may only be able to retrieve messages from a smartphone rather than a laptop.

But how can you access your business email account from the road if you are using Microsoft Exchange Server for your business email? It might not be easy, depending on your situation.

Now there’s a new groupware solution that works across browsers and across platforms to allow webmail access to any of your employees; it’s called Kerio WebMail.

Fully Featured Groupware for Webmail

Kerio Connect WebMail offers access to email messages, a shared calendar, and a comprehensive contact list. It does everything that Microsoft Exchange Server does with the distinct advantage of being able to use any browser and any operating system.

In addition to this benefit, just look at all the ways Kerio WebMail provides a solution to the problems facing many businesses in today’s increasingly mobile workplace:

Calendar Features

Kerio Connect WebMail allows you to enter blocks of free or busy time. Calendar events are simple to add by dragging and dropping messages. When an employee is going to be gone for a day or more, Kerio can be configured to automatically send an out-of-office reply to incoming email messages – but not duplicate it to any address sending more than one message during this period.

Email Features

Just like the Microsoft product, Kerio WebMail will match an email address to the first few letters you input in the address bar. You can also search for a list of corresponding names from your address book. Right click menu and shortcut key capabilities are also available.

For those of us who are grammatically challenged, this MS Exchange alternative features a spell checker and customizable dictionary so you can add industry jargon and other words that might not be recognized by the integrated software.

Email messages can be sent with up to 10 attachments and picture attachments will be displayed in the preview window. Spam messages are automatically caught by a  SpamAssassin – but you can help it determine the junk status of subsequent messages by marking them manually, too.

Customize your WebMail account with an automatic signature as well as “From” and “Reply To” addresses you configure. For instance, if you want the reply address to be an alternate account, such as [email protected] dot com, that’s easy to do! Customized filters help you further manage the account.

Do you send direct email messages as part of your marketing plan? Kerio WebMail can send out professional looking HTML messages, too.

So why settle for a business email server that doesn’t allow you the necessary flexibility needed in today’s mobile and cross-platform workplace? With Kerio WebMail there’s no need to compromise functionality for easy access from any device, on any platform, using any internet browser.

Dana Prince writes for GetSync’d. Learn more about Kerio WebMail as a fully-featured MS Exchange alternative for your business email needs, offered via cloud computing by premier Kerio partner GetSyncd. Check out the Getsync’d blog at

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