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You too can buy a domain name from Google

You too can buy a domain name from Google

Many people have been asking me lately if they can buy domains directly through Google. I think the thought is that if you buy your domain directly from Google that they might cut you a break in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of that site. Well, here is the good news; you can buy a domain name from Google. It really isn’t all that hard and the great thing for amateurs is that the new domain will come pre-configured with all of the necessary Google apps already installed. (Webmaster and Analytics accounts just to name a couple) You might ask how do I get started. Well let me tell you.
The first step in buying a domain name from Google is to go to Google Apps. And select business domain registration. There is another easier method; go to Google and search for “Google Domain Registration”. This simple search should take you to a Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) where the first organic result is the appropriate screen. Clicking on the hyperlink will take you to a getting started page. From here you will select I want to buy a domain name, search for the name you want to register, if available you will have the option to Continue to Registration. The final steps in buying a domain name from Google is to enter the appropriate registration data, accept Google’s terms and conditions and Proceed to the Google Checkout. From that point on it is extremely simple to get your site up and running.
My past experience has shown that buying a domain name from Google is very similar to buying a domain name from a place like GoDaddy or IXWeb Hosting, The only difference being that these companies also offer hosting plans to meet your need. With purchasing a domain name from Google you will need to forward it along to your host. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. In fact it is my standard operating procedure. Google has made great strides in providing some of the best software around. Might as well bite the bullet and move all in; get your small chunk of the Google pie before it is all gone. I would say buying a domain name from Google is not only easy; but it is prudent. My final thought; I have fifteen domains registered and the eight I purchased through Google are ranked higher than the other seven. And, on average the competition on between the sites hosted at Google and the ones hosted at GoDaddy is equal if not a little less. So, buy your domain, and don’t worry Google is a fantastic way to go.
I have listed several of my most favorite websites below. Check them out and guess which ones work well with Google; and which domains do NOT play well with Google. Thanks to my friends at desktop color laser printer for providing me the assitance I needed with my website. Jeff and Nick; you are the best.

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How To Purchase A Domain Name On Google

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