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10 Best Free Press Release Websites in Google News

10 Best Free Press Release Websites in Google News

Press Release is the best method to reach out to the masses when your company has got new product or service launches, news updates or public statements. So, PRTeller has come up with a list of 20 Best Free PR (Press Release) websites which are in Google News index. The list has been compiled based on different factors in order to help your business, brand or service launches and news updates reach the masses.

Using press release websites can help your web sites and companies to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. Some common examples include Marketwire and PR Web. Although expensive, the news websites can help increase the visibility of your business or website. Some websites are paid, while others are not.

Here is the list of 10 free press release websites with Google News index where you can submit your news for free and get the exposure you need. Please note that if you abuse the system, your account and even your website can get banned from these press release websites. So, please submit ONLY original, genuine and quality news releases.

List of Top 10 Free Press Release Websites (in order of Alexa Rank):

(1) PRLog.Org (Links Allowed, Alexa 837): A Free Press Release website in Google News Index. Detailed registration and detailed press release submission page.

(2) (Links allowed, Alexa 3120): Simple registration and submission page.

(3) (Links and Images allowed, Alexa 3633): No registration required, detailed submission page. Email submission also accepted.

(4) (Links allowed, Alexa 6812): Simple registration and submission page.

(5) OpenPR.Com (Links and Images allowed, Alexa 18085): No Registration Required. Detailed Press Release Submission Page.

(6) (Links allowed, Alexa 19744): Simple Registration and submission page.

(7) (Links allowed, Alexa 24130): Simple registration and PR submission page.

(8) (Links and Images allowed, Alexa 25968): Very simple and super fast registration as well as submission page).

(9) (Links and Images allowed, Alexa 27820): Tech Press Release site. Detailed registration and simple PR submission page.

(10) (Links Allowed, Alexa 41004): Simple registration and Press Release submission page.

Hope the list was helpful to your business.

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