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A Brief Description about ASP Web Hosting

A Brief Description about ASP Web Hosting

ASP web hosting refers to the hosting services support for Active Server Page (ASP). You can add ASP code within your website’s HTML web pages, if you wish to have a data-driven dynamic website. When a user browses through a website designed using ASP, the web pages may changes as per the activities pursued by the user/visitor. ASP codes allows the web owner to connect the web pages with a database, such that the visitors can interact through the website by way of logging in and hence making use of their unique personal configurations. Alternatively, they can establish orders interactively within the website.

In short, ASPs can be described as HTML web pages that are embedded with ASP scripts processed within the web server just before the web page is delivered to the visitor as the visitor makes a request. It helps you create database-driven dynamic web pages through which a visitor can access information available in the databases and also make interactions through web page objects such as Java components, ActiveX, etc.

Let’s take a look how ASP web hosting operates. When you key in a web address on the Address Box, you basically request the server to transfer a file to your computer. If the file is HTML based, it would appear just like it did on the internet. If the file is ASP based, the server would first execute the HTML source code and then perform the ASP source code.

Now the question arises, how can you opt for ASP web hosting services? Well, you would need to locate a web hosting service provider who can host your website on a Windows 2000-based server. It is more secure when it comes to hosting ASP web pages in a Windows server since most of the ASP elements function with IIS, which is an exclusive feature of Windows.

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