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Affordable Web Design Hosting Services: 5 Different Kinds of Hosting

Affordable Web Design Hosting Services: 5 Different Kinds of Hosting

Web hosting services include allowing individuals to get their websites on the World Wide Web. Web hosting companies offer affordable web design hosting services providing data center along with colocation, thus helping a website to garner a good space on the internet. Mostly, five different kinds of hosting are frequently offered to the websites. They include:

1. Shared Hosting

The first of the affordable web design hosting services includes shared hosting. This is a popular hosting method as it is highly affordable also providing the opportunity to share your server with other websites. This connectivity may vary between thousands of different websites thus developing a common server resources pool, such as CPU and RAM. The features that come along with shared hosting extend to many, such as disk space, uptime and bandwidth. Another of the benefits of a shared hosting is that the shared website can later be hosted with reseller.

2. Dedicated Server

Dedicated server or dedicated hosting is another best affordable web design hosting services. This mode of hosting is optimum for the online businesses, which require a powerful server. Although, this form of server includes tremendous work associated, this web hosting gives you the freedom to have a private server.

The dedicated servers also bring forth a good amount of web traffic to your website. It is important to understand that the dedicated servers, which are managed, offer limited technical work and revolve around the onsite content. If you possess technical knowledge and you are capable of handling the issues pertaining to your website, you can go for the unmanaged hosting in dedicated servers.

3. Virtual Private or Dedicated Servers

This form of web hosting has the ability to divide the web server resources into small virtual servers. These resources are then allocated in such means that they do not have a direct influence upon the fundamental hardware. The virtual private hosting has come out as a prominent affordable web design hosting services of the others as this eliminates the issues that come along with dedicated servers.

In certain cases, shared hosting can end up with closed environment; however, with the virtual hosting, you will have a customized solution for your website. The virtual web hosting can be the best solution for some situations such as a case where you need to locate VPS containers among different servers. The users have the flexibility to access the host in a separate virtual space, thus VPS becomes the most customizable solution when it comes to web hosting.

4. Cloud Hosting

One of the newest hosting platforms among the affordable web design hosting services is the cloud hosting. This hosting means offers the website owners a scalable, reliable, powerful hosting, which is based upon clustering the load-balancing servers along with the utility billing. The aptness of this hosting service comes from the fact that this hosting has removed the single point failures and asking them to pay only for the service that they are using. It is also known as “Cloud Computing”.

5. Grid Hosting

This hosting treats server clusters as grids and thus the name. The hosting is achieved by forming multiple nodes.

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