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An insight on Web Hosting services

An insight on Web Hosting services

If you are planning to launch a new website, there are certain crucial tasks that you need to perform as a user. Once you have selected and registered the domain name for your website, you require a service that allows your website to show up on the internet. You basically need to host your website on a web server. The task of hosting a website on a web server is called Web Hosting. It is basically defined as the space where web pages or files are kept to make them accessible on the internet to others. This service is considered of utmost importance to businesses and individuals as it allows them to publish their websites and make them live on web. The company, which provides a web server for hosting a website, is called a Website Hosting company or simply a web host.

Web Hosting can broadly be divided into three major categories:

Shared Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Reseller Hosting

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is one in which several websites share space with each other on a web server. In this type of hosting all the websites share resources with each other. This hosting package is most popular among website owners because it is relatively cheap and easy to use.

Dedicated hosting

As the name suggests, in this type of hosting package the server is solely dedicated to a single user. As the server is only meant for one customer, the user has the choice to host single or multiple web sites at the same time. This kind of hosting is most suitable for websites that get high web traffic. Though this Website Hosting package is expensive, the advantages it brings along with it duly compensates for the high-cost.

Reseller hosting

This type of hosting is most popular among small entrepreneurs, as it allows them to start with a small hosting company. In this type of hosting a user is permitted to further resell his dedicated hosting space to others. In this type of hosting, a user buys web space in bulk and later resells them to his customers in small packs.

When choosing a web host, a user is always advised to select a company that has a reputation of providing high quality services at affordable prices with minimal downtime. It is also suggested to select a hosting company that offers round-the-clock customer support, either via email, phone, chat, or any other means to address your queries.

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