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Web Hosting concept and its various types

Web Hosting concept and its various types

Ever wondered how you access any website. It is very important to understand this concept because if you currently do not have website for your business, you will surely need one soon. The service which enables any individual to make his or her website live on web is called as Web Hosting. This service is very important if you plan to set up an identity on web. So let us discuss about the concept of website hosting and its various types.

When a user goes ahead and types a website’s name in the address bar of the internet browser, it shows a web page that is downloaded from the web server. As we all know, a website is a collection of several web pages, which further consists texts and images. These pages are usually stored on a web server that is provided by a Web Hosting company.

The companies that offer hosting services basically provide space on web servers to users, so that they can place these web pages on these servers. Now that we know what is website hosting, we need to find out what different hosting options are available in the market. Web hosts today usually offer shared hosting, dedicated hosting, Cloud Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

In shared hosting several users share a single server, while in dedicated hosting the complete server is allocated to solitary user. Cloud Hosting is a hosting solution that is carried from a network of connected servers. It is the newest and most attractive hosting plan being offered today. Among its various advantages the one that stands out is its scalability. Depending on the need the user can add or cut his server resources at will. Another benefit of this hosting package is that the user only needs to pay for the amount of service he uses. Reseller Hosting is considered as the stepping stone for starting a small hosting business. When a user opts for this hosting plan he has the ability to further divide his allocated hosting space. He can later resell that disk space to other users at his own prices.

Windows and Linux are among the most commonly used operating systems today. Most web hosts also offer Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting and Java Hosting plans to its customers. Today there are several hosting companies that offer various kinds of plans, so it is best to look around before settling on a web host.

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