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Cloud Hosting – Best Alternative to Traditional Web Hosting As for Today

Cloud Hosting – Best Alternative to Traditional Web Hosting As for Today

Cloud hosting is today becoming one of the best alternate to traditional hosting solutions which were supposed to be costly. With changing times and technology it is now easy to get better services at cheap rates and this is the reason why cloud hosting is becoming amazingly popular all over the web world. You will not believe that some of the companies and firms who were previously using dedicated servers to host their online businesses are fast switching to these hosting solutions due to various advantages and benefits they get at cheaper rates.

Cloud hosting services provide a platform for new web based developers. One of the main problems faced by start-up companies is purchasing and maintaining hardware. They need the resources to support the development work and release of their product. With cloud hosting service, they are eliminated from investing only on hardware. Cloud hosting server offers the same processing power as a physical server. Just purchasing enough space in the cloud is enough. So, it is cheaper compared to traditional web hosting services.

Most of the start-up companies face tight budget, they can purchase depending on their current needs. They can go for additional purchase of space when marketing their final product. This elasticity is another great thing why you need cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting is a paradigm shift in hosting plans
The evolution of online world has been marked by the revolutionary concept of cloud hosting that has indisputably obliterated data storage and management woes from the psyche of website owners. Cloud hosting contrasts itself from conventional hosting in terms of payment mode, availability, reliability, scalability and service terms.

Site owners no longer are required to build their own backups, involve in buying or leasing server space, renew contract on annual basis, cough up extra payment to protect against sudden traffic surge, and suffer from server downtime for maintenance. Cloud hosting assures of full uptime plans based on demand with payments determined by the consumption of server infrastructure and computing power. The servers with excess disk space, memory capability and unlimited processing power are clustered together to form the cloud.

Basic difference between single server hosting and cloud hosting services
Cloud buzz is all over the internet. Let’s see the main differences between shared hosting and cloud hosting. In shared website hosting, one single server hosts multiple websites. In a dedicated hosting, one server will serve only one website. Both dedicated and shared website offer one server only. In a cloud hosting, a website could be running on any number of servers at a given time.

In traditional web hosting services, the host asks you to pay certain price for the computing resources. The big disadvantage of traditional hosting services is that even you do not use the allocated resources you have to pay. The best part of cloud hosting is it is on a Pay per use basis. So, you can pay only the resources that you used.

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