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Factors That Make Cloud Hosting A Complete Value For Money

Factors That Make Cloud Hosting A Complete Value For Money



Cloud hosting has become one of the most dynamic forms of hosting that provides with the most favorable hosting infrastructure for all kinds of businesses. Cloud Hosting has an edge over all the other traditional forms of hosting as it is an affordable yet powerful hosting solution. It provides with better uptime and it is also highly scalable. The processing power exhibited by a cloud hosting platform is comparatively better than the other hosting platforms, because adding new servers and resources is much easier in cloud hosting. Hosting services that that provide the user with full control is the need of the time for the businesses to ensure higher efficiency. Cloud hosting makes this possible. Cloud hosting consists of a cluster of servers that ensures the uptime of the website even in the times of high traffic. Generally, cloud hosting signifies that your website is running on multiple connected servers, instead of being limited to a single server like most of the traditional hosting services. This goes on to say that the processing power to host your website is almost unlimited and it is possible to add a new server to scale the performance.

The main reasons that make cloud hosting the perfect hosting solution include:


Scalability relates to the fact that cloud hosting has the capacity to manage increased server load in a seamless manner. This is done with the load balancing technologies and by adding new hardware or upgrades. With Cloud Hosting, you don’t have to worry about any server crashing that will cause downtime to your website, as there is always an additional server available that can manage the load. This goes on to say that your website will rarely come across any downtime. With traditional shared hosting, in case your website is using more than 10% of the server CPU for more than 60-90 seconds, you might have to upgrade your account. This would not happen with cloud hosting as you an abundance of resources.


Affordability is another big benefit of hosting your website on a cloud. Most of the companies only charge users based on the computing power used. In case you are not utilizing the complete space and power, then you don’t have to pay for all the available resources.


Managed cloud hosting is created around a high availability private cloud architecture, there is higher redundancy, SAN storage and network security. This ensures fail over protection and the unique ability to update and maintain the hardware.


Cloud hosting is based on a cluster of servers. Your website performance is backed by a network of multiple servers. This makes cloud hosting one of the most reliable hosting platforms. As higher reliability is ensured, cloud hosting is considered to be one of the most favorable hosting platforms specially for the eCommerce websites.

As a result of the factors mentioned above, cloud hosting is considered to be one of the most powerful forms of hosting. Cloud hosting provides you with everything you need in order to get your business or personal website online with multiple domains, databases, 24/7 technical support, exceptional uptime and reliable servers. In order to get the best results with this powerful hosting platform, it is essential to find the best website hosting company that provides with a round the clock technical assistance for getting the best results. This is the most powerful hosting platform that provides with a complete value for money invested in it.


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