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Arcview Tutorials

Arcview Tutorials

ArcView GIS 3.2 tutorials are the important learning chances for users to start working with the spatial data. Geographic information system is one kind of system of computer software programs, data, personnel, and hardware which helps you to display evaluate and to print the spatial information and details. Arcview tutorials help many business people. With the help of arcview tutorials, they are able to know about the details. If you want to use the arcview tutorial, you can easily download this and can benefit. You can begin with arcview GIS 3.2 software by double clicking the arcview icons.

You have to click the view button twice to include blank view in your project. Now it is ready and you can include any kind of information and details or themes to the map projects.

Themes are available in three data kinds like polygons, lines and points. You can also have examples for this type such as national boundaries, roads and cities. To have a theme, you have to click your mouse add theme button, it will provide the add theme navigation screen. You have to Navigate to the “esri\esridata” directory to load details and information which comes with the ArcView GIS 3.2.

To understand the location, you can click a polygon theme like national or state boundary. If you include this, you have to click the ok button. The boundary theme will appear on the screen on the left side of the arcview GIS 3.2 tutorials. To include in the roads, you have to click add theme once again. You have to check and make sure that the boundary, roads and cities files are appearing .With the help of ArcView GIS 3.2 symbology, you can change the theme by adding, removing the fill or inside color of the polygons and you also have the facility to adjust the thickness of the line, color and style. You can alter the line theme by double clicking in the table or contents. Arcview tutorials allow you to draw themes in descending order. When you want to check the layout, then you have to click view option in the arcview GIS 3.2 toolbar and choose the layout. Now you are able to view charts, tables, in to one layout for printing. If required you can resize the legend and you can make a clean border to your layout which makes your layout appear neat. Now you can click print setup to print your map.

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