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Boost Hosting Profits With Litespeed Powered Servers

Boost Hosting Profits With Litespeed Powered Servers

Increasing web-hosting profits in today’s demanding Internet market is easier than ever, thanks to innovative technologies like LiteSpeed powered servers. LiteSpeed Technologies, Inc. has developed a flagship product the LiteSpeed Web Server, a powerful technology that is rapidly gaining worldwide popularity. The Web Servers offers state-of-the-art programming infrastructures, high performance, incredible speed, advanced security and enhanced reliability. One of the primary reasons this technology is in high demand is that it is the only optimized, full-featured, “drop-in server replacement” that can completely replace Apache without losing control panels or compromising security. Its seamless replacement ability allows easy access to the same features provided by Apache, including account suspend/resume and bandwidth limit enforcement work.

Additionally, it is the first software company to build CloudLinux’s Lightweight Virtual Environment or LVE technology into their software, and it’s the only advanced software server technology able to smoothly integrate with third-party control panels. With innovative built-in software features like fully integrated CloudLinux LVE technology, seamless integration with Apache, and third-party hosting control panels, these servers are the highest performing web hosting technologies available today.

What Does Built-In CloudLinux LVE Mean to You?

By integrating CloudLinux’s LVE technology into its LiteSpeed Web Server product, server performance is maximized within an existing infrastructure without the need for additional hardware-so users save money.

Powerful, Advanced Web Hosting to Meet Every Need

Presently, these servers are the only optimized, peak-performance server capable of replacing Apache on the market to offer seamless compatibly with Apache-compatible control panels.

The Only Compatible Server to Support.htacess Control Panels

Most web applications rely on.htaccess, an Apache-compatible control panel, to change web server configurations without accessing the main configuration file. In today’s competitive hosting environment,.htaccess support is critical. What this means is simplified control panel-managed administration, increased performance, and enhanced security.

Advantages of LiteSpeed Powered Servers

Some of the many benefits of using LiteSpeed powered servers include: greater speed than Apache, ease with simultaneous PHP4 and PHP5 module operations, more efficient engine rewrites for.htaccess-configured rules, and more efficiency and security with request filtering at minimal cost. These servers have (D)DoS-protection built-in, flash report features in real time, so you can rapidly pinpoint problem sites, bandwidth controls to prevent overload, per IP connection limits, and per IP request rate throttling.

Simple Host UK, a fast-growing UK hosting and VPS Linux server service established in mid-2010, offers a full range of easy to use, affordable, web services that utilize LiteSpeed powered server technology for large websites, service providers and data centers. You can find out more about the advantages of UK Litespeed hosting at

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