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Building a good website with PLR articles

Building a good website with PLR articles

In the twenty-first century, who does not have a website? Those who haven’t got one yet probably will get one soon, as well. But, at the same time, you should also know that only the unique articles get indexed in leading search engines like Google, and that can probably give your site a traffic boost. It seems as if most people have realized this, and they are offering thousands of unique niche-based articles in their websites.

Now, the question is how to get unique content for the website?

Ghostwriter – why not a good option!

Obviously, you should be familiar with the concept of ghostwriters. These are people that you hire to do your job. They will not take any credit for their work; moreover, you can find good content for a relatively low price through ghostwriters.
You can post your wanted list in websites like craigslist or elance, and that will generate you some positive replies. You can get a ghostwriter for around $ 10 – $ 40 per post.

Now, I must say this is not a viable option. Why? First, they are costly and, secondly, it’s not always easy to get the exact content according to your requirements. End result, you pay full price, yet don’t get the exact thing that you were looking for.
These days, the authors of niche articles also use a concept called PLR (Private Label Rights).

What exactly is PLR?

PLR is rather an interesting concept. It is a process in which the authors of articles give away complete rights over their creations. This means that the buyers can create anything out of their articles and also post them to their websites.
So, how do you create a good website using PLR? Since everyone is using PLR, you have to take the extra bit to make your website successful. Let us see about some interesting ways through which you can achieve that.
Getting the most out of PLR

You can find great websites that offer PLR services. These websites sell their PLR content to bloggers, website owners, realtors and affiliate marketers.

All the content in these sites are ready to post. They are available in either .doc or .txt formats. The best thing about these articles is the fact that they can be bought at a meager amount for around $ 1.

Will PLR articles affect my Google rankings?

Good question, and I’m often asked this while advising someone to go for PLR content.  It is kind of ironic.  Google indexes results that are unique and have entertaining content in them. So, if you buy PLR articles that are good in content, you have nothing to worry about. But, on the same hand, you should never publish the PLR articles without editing them.
PLR articles are only a tool to make your writing easier, and they should be never used for purposes more than that.
What changes can you make to the PLR articles?

Changes are not limited to the ones mentioned below, but this is basically my checklist before publishing any PLR content in my blog or website:

Modify the header:  Change the header image and title according to SEO patterns to make the article more successful.

Change the links: There might be large a number of links in the PLR articles. You can edit them, in alphabetical order, and make them more interesting by placing them in the correct places.

Use these as incentives: It is a simple, yet useful, method. Modify the PLR content to make some e-books, and give them away, for free, to a member who subscribes to your list. Free gifts still work as an enticer, and you’ll surely grow a huge subscriber list on your niche site.


If you want to boost your ratings on Google, it is necessary to have unique content. So, always rewrite the PLR articles. On the contrary, if you are going to publish an e-book out of the articles, you need not rewrite them.

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