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Cloud Hosting Services – An Innovation and Paradigm to the Industry Verticals

Cloud Hosting Services – An Innovation and Paradigm to the Industry Verticals

Cloud Hosting has been creating a lot of waves around and all the major hosting industry player are getting geared up to get their hands into this huge market. It is rapidly being adopted by large businesses, mid-sized businesses, as well as SOHOs. Moving to the cloud proves to help as it dramatically cuts down hardware and software expenditure.

According to consulting firm Zinnov, “The market for cloud computing in India Is expected to grow nearly ten times to $ 1,084 million by 2015 from the current $ 110 million.”

A cloud is basically an infrastructure or a set of pooled resources that operates on a distributed data center environment via network of servers, instead of being linked to a single server as was the case with traditional hosting. Being highly scalable it can easily handle instantly the growing traffic influx of a website with increase in cloud servers with the customer having access to the entire network of servers.

Imagine when you have to migrate from a shared server to a dedicated server or the problems that you encounter when your server crashes– all these problem can be avoided easily by switching to cloud hosting.

Why Cloud Hosting Services

* Affordable – Cloud hosting is a boon for small and medium businesses. You do not need to invest on any additional hardware or software for cloud computing implementation. Cloud hosting companies charge their users based on the quantity of computing power consumed i.e. its pay-per-use. You enjoy complete flexibility with precise and dynamic allocation of all computing resources as per your requirements
* Scalable – It is the convenience of scalability that makes cloud hosting popular. Increased scalability ensures users to access additional computer resources to meet improved application loads. Cloud hosting services make load balancing, hardware upgrades, and maintenance sessions across servers easy.
* Secure – Cloud computing providers adopt precautionary measures like tough information security, comprehensive compliance reporting and API analysis in order to ward away security threats.
* Environment Friendly – Cloud Hosting is highly friendly to the environment as it helps reduce the number of hardware components and replacing them with remote cloud computing systems that reduces energy costs for running hardware and cooling as well as reduces your carbon foot print. Microsoft recently claimed that cloud computing can reduce a business’s carbon emissions by as much as 30%,
* Reliable –Cloud servers are highly reliable as they come with built in failover. But as these servers are shared by many users they may slow down in comparison to a dedicated server which is accessible only by users of your organization.
* Highly Automated- There is no need to buy and install expensive software because it’s already installed online remotely and you run it from there. In case the user needs to upgrade or calibrate the hardware or software, it is more convenient to choose dedicated web hosting services. It is easy to use since you do not have to maintain any hardware and can effortlessly add more servers through control panel as and when required. Also it is simple to manage all OS patching.

Thus Cloud Hosting services provide the perfection you demand from your hosted infrastructure, delivering a hosting environment that doesn’t limit an application to a specific set of resources and India is fast emerging as the front runner in providing cloud hosting services.

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