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Cloud Hosting versus Shared Hosting

Cloud Hosting versus Shared Hosting

The internet is changing the way we trade, the way we communicate, and other aspects of our lives. This is partly because of the millions of websites that offer different solutions. For websites to be on the World Wide Web, their domains have to be hosted. The traditional method of web hosting is shared hosting, but cloud hosting is gaining ground because of its many advantages.

Each of the two options has some advantages and some disadvantages. This article will shed some light into those which will in turn help you make an informed decision.

Traffic Handling

There is a difference in how traffic is handled in both hosting methods. With shared hosting, you are not able to handle surges in web activity and traffic. Although this can help in keeping costs down, there is a downside in that it means that your site will temporarily lose functionality. On the other hand, a cloud server can handle spikes in traffic because you do not rely on just one server.


With cloud technologies, you can use different technologies. This is because clouds are formed by multi-servers, which gives you the opportunity to work with different web tools and file formats. These web tools and file formats may not be available with the shared hosting environment of plain hosting. As an example, you can use both .php and .asp files with cloud technologies.


Internet security is very important, especially if you are handling sensitive data such as the bank and/or personal details of visitors to your website. Both options have different security measures. Ask your service provider about these security measures to protect your data and the privacy of your clients/customers.


A website can expand more with cloud technologies compared to shared or single servers. This is because there are many servers in the ‘cloud’, which means that if one server has a problem, it will not affect your connection.

Other web hosting services include dedicated server hosting and Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting. Some of the similarities are that in both cases, you can use virtual servers and the fact that both options are economical because there is no requirement for an initial investment and billing is based on the resources used.

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