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Introduction to Cloud Hosting

Introduction to Cloud Hosting

There is a new buzz word when it comes to web hosting and that word is cloud hosing. Cloud hosting, in its simplest measure, is group of multiple servers that are all connected together and this forms the ‘cloud’ in cloud computing. This cluster of servers allows users to utilize not one, but all of the servers which then offers many advantages over traditional web hosting.

Probably the most welcomed difference with cloud hosting versus traditional web hosting is the way that the user is actually charged for service. With traditional hosting, the user is typically charged a flat fee for a certain amount of service and is then charged extra if they exceed the limits that are set forth by the web hosting company.

With cloud hosting, providers will measure what are referred to as ‘compute cycles’ which simply means that the user will only get billed for the amount of hosting that they actually use. This increase in scalability offers a better way to gauge what will and won’t be spent each month on web hosting. It also means that you actually have some control over what your web hosting bill will be each and every month.

Another welcomed feature with cloud hosting is that there is never any time where a spike in volume will affect the performance of your website. Sometimes a big story about your company on the news, or a big press release regarding your company can make for a temporary increase in the volume of traffic that gets to your website. In cases of extreme volume pick-up your website can go down if you are with a traditional web host, but with cloud hosting, all the extra servers that you have access to can easily take in the extra volume of traffic and laugh it off without a single glitch.

Additionally, with cloud hosting, you can integrate technology. Because you are working off of a network of servers, you can mix and match different technologies. For example, with cloud hosting, you can use .asp files together with .php file, even in the same folder. Any needed technology can be derived from the cloud hosting network so there is never anything to install and all technologies will mesh perfectly together.

Lastly, cloud hosting offers a much better chance of your website being up and running all of the time. That’s because of the multiple servers in the cloud. If one server goes down, the other servers will kick in and pick up any slack. With a traditional web hosting company, there may only be one server and if it goes down, so too does your website.

Cloud hosting is still the new kid on the block in regards to web hosting, but with the many advantages it offers, it is only a matter of time before the entire tech crazy world catches on to what it has to offer. While it may still be in the stages of a ‘buzz word,’ it won’t be too much longer before it becomes ‘the word.’

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