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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 for web design

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 for web design

Web designers and professionals alike have come to depend on Adobe Dreamweaver when it comes to creating creative and engaging web pages with ease. In fact, the Dreamweaver is one of top web authoring tools of the industry. The new version, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, aims to provide all the benefits of older versions and improved upon them in many ways. The layout tools have been redesigned to enhance the speed and ability to get things done; starting from conception all the way to execution and delivery. Navigating through complex site pages is also a breeze thanks to the enhanced coding functions. The software is packed with tons of new features and functions to improve the overall web designing experience. These are some notable features that the new version offers:

New UI
The new Adobe Dreamweaver CreativeSuit 5 sports a new shared user interface that allows users to work faster and smarter. You can move from one work environment to the next faster using the workspace switcher.

Live View
You can design your websites and preview the result right away with the new Live View in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. You still have direct access to the code and all the changes made will be instantly viewed in the Live View display.

Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects
You can insert Adobe Photoshop documents (PSD files) in Dreamweaver to create an image Smart Object linked to the source file. When you edit said image in Dreamweaver, the source file will be automatically updated. This negates the need to open the Photoshop application.

Adobe InContext Editing
End-users can edit the web pages you have designed in Dreamweaver using the Adobe InContext Editing online services – there is no additional software required. As a designer, you can limit the changes that users can perform to specific pages and regions and custom formatting options. Ajax and JavaScript The new Dreamweaver CS5 has a better support for JavaScript core objects and primitive data types. This allows you to write JavaScript more efficiently. The extended coding functionality of the Dreamweaver CS4 can be put to work by using popular JavaScript frameworks, such as jQuery, Spry and Prototype.

HTML data sets
Create better integration of dynamic data into your web sites without having to master complex databases or XML coding. The Spry Data Sets can recognise content you created in a simple HTML table as an interactive data source.

CSS best practices, Related Files and Code Navigator
You can implement CSS best practices easily without writing a single code. New CSS rules can be created in the Properties panel. The software will notify you where each property fits in the cascade of styles. As for the Related Files, you can click any included file in the Related Files bar to view its parent page in Design View and its source on Code view. The Code Navigator lets you view and access the CSS source code easily.

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