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TFS Hosting in the Kitchen

TFS Hosting in the Kitchen

Consider the waiter at your local restaurant. He takes orders, delivers them to the kitchen and serves up the food. All the while, a manager watches over the process as it repeats over and over. It is a sample of collaboration between the customers and the kitchen. Food, drinks, plates and cups move in a synchronized dance of sorts. In this environment, each restaurant is a project with a goal of completing the transaction. Within the restaurant, tables represent the individual components of the project. Technology plays a role in the restaurant as it does in many businesses throughout the world.

Projects come in all sizes as do the companies that create and complete those projects. All of them can benefit from a centralized project management system. Team Foundations Server Workgroup Edition creates that centralized work environment. Your projects are kept in one location where changes are updated across the network. Everyone linked to the project receives updates in real time to maximize efficiency, reduce redundancy and significantly decrease errors.

Before the advent of this technology, programmers and developers were faced with more archaic methods of collaborating. Data was saved to floppy disks and manually shared within the group. In the slowest of arrangements, data was shared on paper – coding printed out and reviewed by hand. A project manager might take hours or even days to review submitted pieces of work and determine the next best course of action. This process would repeat over and over as a project progressed. It was incredibly inefficient. Improvements were made over time including the use of email to speed the process. It wasn’t until sophisticated network computing options became available that everything changed.

Team Foundation Server Workgroup is one of the latest technologies to maximize the efficiency of a workgroup. The days of manually sharing project data are over. The server can host projects providing a virtual tray from which each developer can take and replace data as needed. The entire process is managed by one or more people using the same software and in the same virtual work environment.

These individual project components are similar to tables at a restaurant. TFS Hosting supports these project “tables” with the trays and utensils they need to serve up perfect meals. Each member of the team supplies a piece of the whole to the restaurant that is then eventually served back to the customer. It is the virtual embodiment of the restaurant operation.

There are many ways to manage a product with today’s technology. Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition can provide a company with the most advanced tools available in our modern computing environment. Team Foundation Server Workgroup supplies the environment for maximum collaboration. PHASE 2 can establish TFS hosting for your company. Ultimately, with PHASE 2’s powerful technologies and support, companies can serve their customers like never before.

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