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How Long Does Success Take?

How Long Does Success Take?

I was once asked by a budding internet marketer “how long will it take me to become successful?”  Without wanting to appear sarcastic, my reply was “how long is a piece of string?”  In other words, there is no definitive answer.  There are obviously a number of factors that can speed or slow the process but the simple truth is that it takes as long as it takes.


The extent of success is also variable and once again dependent on factors that this article will examine.  The most important thing to remember is that there is something behind success that brings it to fruition.  While that may seem obvious, what isn’t always so apparent is that the something is actually within you.  


Success doesn’t happen by accident.  You need to plan for your success.  Dream of it in detail and imagine how it will look, feel, taste and smell.  See yourself living in that new house, driving that nice car or taking that overseas holiday you’ve always wished for.  With this vision created, you then need to follow it with an action plan.  This is the definition of goals and become the pathway to your final destination.


A strong sense of purpose will be the overall compass that guides you toward success.  Your purpose must be clearly defined in your mind but you can actually go a step beyond that.  Telling others about it will create a greater sense of urgency to achieve and less excuse for failure.  


Think about what inspires you.  What is it that drives you to persevere, improve and achieve?  When these things have been identified you can use them as inspiration for your thoughts and actions…to fuel your success.  Good things come to those who wait and the most important thing is that you enjoy the journey.  Be thankful that you’ve been given the opportunity and embrace the challenges that it offers.  


Deciding you are going to be successful requires dedication and hard work.  It may even mean enduring some discomfort.  The pathway isn’t likely to be smooth and wide.  If it was, then everyone would be on it and if it was that easy, would it really be that special?  The only place where success comes before work is the dictionary.  It takes time and your dream will be tested along the way. 


It takes courage and conviction to undertake some things in life but I am always inspired by this quote from former US president Theodore Roosevelt: “Far better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though chequered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory, nor defeat.”  In other words, it reminds us that if nothing is ventured, surely nothing will ever be gained. 


Learning is a critical element to your success.  Ongoing education will enable you to keep developing and improving.  Never be too proud to learn in whatever way you can.  Choose your mentors carefully and model yourself on their success.  Read what they write, listen to what they say and watch what they do.  Emulate their strategies and learn from the mistakes they’ve already made.  Learn from your own mistakes also and in time, you’ll begin to see results from your endeavours.


Networking and interacting with others is very important.  If you’re working online, it may be inconvenient or take you beyond your comfort zone but it’s a key to getting ahead.  Don’t restrict your learning to people though.  If you encounter an exciting or innovative marketing strategy, try it in your own business.  It may be just what you require to gain the momentum you’re striving for.


Always bear in mind that success is a process.  An interesting debate is if you were given a million dollars, would you be a millionaire?  Leading motivational speaker, philosopher & entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said “After you become a millionaire, you can give all of your money away because what’s important is not the million dollars; what’s important is the person you have become in the process of becoming a millionaire”. 


Life is a grindstone.  Whether it wears you down or polishes you up, depends on what you are made of.  In other words, lessons learnt through life experience and your ongoing attitude are more important in defining your ‘success’ than the material rewards that result from it.  These are the qualities that will keep you at the top once you get there.


As success comes, let yourself enjoy it.  Many people chase an elusive dream and never find it.  They get frustrated and downhearted in their increasingly aimless quest.  To enjoy success you must appreciate it but that sense of appreciation actually begins with what you already have.  All too often, we take this for granted and complain we don’t have more.  Take a moment to cherish what is yours.  Be grateful for all you have and remember that many in the world will never have what you do now.


It doesn’t really matter how long ‘success’ will take because it’s a journey without a schedule.  It may happen in a few months or it may take a few years.  The wisdom of Jim Rohn has taught us that the process is just as important as the result.  That is what will ultimately make us successful.  The money or material things are simply a consequence of that.  A million dollars can still be your dream but it’s who we are that defines us just as much as what we have.


In summary, keep in mind what other successful people have done:

– They have a dream and decide to follow it

– They boldly act on that vision and make a plan

– They learn from, network and interact with others

– They work hard with a strong sense of purpose

– They embrace the opportunity and challenges it offers

– They appreciate what they have as much as what they gain


A genuine opportunity and a positive attitude is a powerful combination that will drive you toward success.  The personal growth that you’ll experience along the way will be what enables you to keep succeeding.  Having achieved many of my own goals, I now want to enlighten and inspire you to begin their own journey.  I want you to enjoy the wonderful feeling of success, in the knowledge that you’ve earned and deserve it. 


“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.”

Benjamin Franklin

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