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Explain Domain Name Extensions

Explain Domain Name Extensions

For years we have used the internet. We have gone to so many different websites, and seen so many different things. Does anyone remember when Netscape Navigator was new? How about the times when it took five minutes to bring up a page? So many things have changed since then. It seems like the dark ages now! Modems have turned into Ethernet Cards, CD ROM drives have become Blu-Ray, graphics cards now support shaders, and power supplies have gone up to 700 Watts with even more power on the twelve volt rails. Even monitors have changed for the better. CRT displays have given way to the new LCS displays which are rapidly dropping in price becoming available to anyone that happens to want one! There is one thing that hasn’t changed though, and that is the domain name extensions. The question on everyone’s mind is how do you explain domain name extensions?

Domain Name Extensions have upgraded with the times as well, with all sorts of new ones being introduced over the years. One of the newer extensions is .cc, which popped up in the late nineties to alleviate the strain on the .com extension.

One thing is for certain, and it is that many domain name extensions have been severely abused. By that I mean they have not been at all used in the way that they were intended. Below is list of the most common domain names, and what they were originally intended for:

.com : Commercial — For businesses and commercial entities
.net : Networks — Reserved specifically for networks
.org : Organisations — Non Profit Organizations
.edu : Educational – Educational institutions like schools
.gov : US Government – Reserved for the United States Government
.int : International Organisations – Organizations that operate on an international level
.mil : US Dept of Defense – Unites States Army, Navy, Marines, Air force, and others.
.pro : Professionals – Professional websites and different types of services
.biz : Businesses – This one is used by businesses, but normally they just use .com
.info : Informational

As you can plainly see, there are only three there that have actually kept to their purpose, and the only reason for that is that they’re owned by the United States Government. No one can be blamed however, because there is no extension for personal websites. The reason for this is because in the beginning, the internet was not intended for personal websites. No one could have possibly conceived that the internet would become what it is today and because of that no mind has been paid to the abuse of domain name extensions.

There is of course one more thing to consider when trying to explain domain name extensions. Every country has its own extension that no one else has access to. Of course they are too numerous to name here, but a few examples might be:

.us – United States
.ca – Canada
.fr – France
.hk – Hong Kong

When trying to explain domain names, a person will certainly have their hands full, but it’s certainly not impossible. Even with the repetitive abuse and misuse of the domain name extensions it is still possible to make some sense out of the whole thing if you look hard enough. Hopefully we have helped you to explain domain names, but if you have any other questions, you can search the internet as it has a plethora of information that you can use!

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