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Top 10 Tips For Hosting a Successful Webinar

Top 10 Tips For Hosting a Successful Webinar

1. Develop quality content. Content is king. Figure out what key points you are trying to get across during your presentation. Ask yourself if you have enough quality information for a webinar. Are these things many people need to know?

2. Consider a convenient date, time, and place. It’s never a good idea to plan your webinar around a holiday weekend, or a local event. Obviously, you can’t work around everyone’s schedule but you will have better turnout if you schedule the webinar during a convenient time and at a well-known place for most potential attendees.

3. Think about using a meeting consultant. This person can either help you book the webinar and all the extra goodies (speaker, vendor, etc.) or they can give you advice on how to successfully host your latest presentation.

4. Begin by explaining how the webinar will work. Now is the time to explain how the features of the webinar work; for example if there is a chat feature or a way to ask questions. Introduce yourself and explain what’s on the agenda so people know what to expect and the presentation can roll smoothly.

5. Make a captivating presentation, not just Power Point. Use images to get your point across, instead of blocks of text. If you are discussing other Web sites, show them in-action instead of just the screen shots.

6. Keep it simple. While you want the webinar to be captivating, it’s important not to add too many bells and whistles-you don’t want the client to feel overwhelmed or distracted. Remember it’s not quantity, but quality that really counts.

7. Practice makes perfect. Create an agenda for yourself, minute by minute, to ensure you cover all the topics on your list. This will help keep you and any speakers, or questions from the audience from running the presentation over schedule. Schedule a dry run for yourself a few days before you’re due to go live, just in case the timing is off or there are technical problems.

8. Record the webinar and post it on your Web site. This is an easy way to reuse your presentation, internally or externally. Use the video for training or as a new feature on your site; it may draw more clients to your next webinar.

9. Send follow-up e-mails, thank you notes. This will improve your chances of having another successful webinar. Everyone appreciates a thank-you note, which could encourage them to attend another webinar you host. Giving the client opportunity to make a comment and provide some constructive criticism on your presentation will help if you take the comments into consideration when creating your next one.

10. Consider feedback in your next webinar. If you continue working with webinars, improving upon your last one is always key. Chances are, it isn’t necessary to change everything in your webinar presentation to please your clients’ wishes-after all, you must be the expert. However, maybe there are small things to change such as a better font, more images, or useful examples.

Bryan Holland is president of Holland Advertising, Cincinnati’s oldest family-owned advertising agency, and the fourth oldest in the nation.

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