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Cpanel V/s Whm.

Cpanel V/s Whm.

.A web host takes your website under its wing as its protg to store its content on its servers and launching it into the World Wide Web whenever visitors request the website with credible speed, consequently generating profits in the process of providing the aforementioned services. Many people have often confused the two terms, cPanel and WHM, and even used them interchangeably. Some have come to know them as two different web interfaces but cannot seem to fathom which to prefer or choose according to their needs.

cPanel (control panel) is a very simple web interface often used to manage individual domains or singular websites. It manages email accounts, options such as logos, domain management, databases, software such as Perl, PHP, CGI, security settings, advanced settings such as Apache and MIME. But the most appealing feature of the cPanel is that one can manage their web tasks completely on their own without requiring any assistance especially from the web host.

WHM (Web Host Manager) is the perfect web interface to manage reseller services. Even those at the root level have access to WHM which allows them to perform functions such as installing and upgrading function software or setting up MX entries. Web hosting can also be resold with the passage of time and WHM allows resellers to manage for their users. With WHM they can control the hosting plan domain by domain or subscriber by subscriber.

Consequently the main difference between the two is that cPanel is best suited for a singular website. However, WHM is able to manage multiple domains and websites at the same time. So it simply comes down to your own requirements.

However, there is one more aspect that can aid your decision making. You can also use both the web interfaces to work together. The combination will create a potent environment that can assist you in managing and administering the entire system without possession of a special knowledge of UNIX or Linux command interface.

In your search for the most amicable web hosting one is often advised to utilize the services of an unmetered dedicated server that can provide you the best of web hosting without the inconvenience of being tapped. As suggested earlier, your requirement is the one that will determine whether you avail the services of a cPanel dedicated server or a Windows dedicated server. When choosing a web host, be mindful that the competition in the market has made the cost way cheaper but none should entail any compromise the quality of the services. Do not be gobbled by any site that herald Dedicated servers USA or Dallas dedicated server, instead put some serious deliberation before availing these services.

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