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Customizing Joomla Templates Can Make a Dull Website Turn Visually Appealing

Customizing Joomla Templates Can Make a Dull Website Turn Visually Appealing

Joomla templates are known for 2 things; one is the benefits that they provide and second is the nuisances that they have attached with them. As Joomla templates are going to be used at all the website designing phases, they play a vital role. When Joomla is installed it provides the users with an access to 2 default themes. One easy way to find the default templates is to go to the template manager and then preview the templates that present. Installing templates and then customizing them is easy as the Joomla templates provide the users with an opportunity to switch from one different template to another. There are infinite templates available and believe it or not customizing Joomla templates is quite easy and not much time is required for this also.

Customizing Joomla Templates

Below mentioned are the steps that have to be followed while customizing the Joomla templates.

– This is the very first step of the process of customizing Joomla templates and in this one has to search among the various available Joomla templates and then download the one that seems to apt as per the specific requisites. When one starts downloading the file is going to be saved in a zip folder and one needs to unzip it and save.

– In the next step, one has to log into the admin panel of the Joomla website and then make a click on the link that has the name installer menu.

– Next step involves clicking on the option called the templates site. Now the user has to make a click on the page that opens up in front after the browse option is chosen.

– Now one has to select the template file that was downloaded, make a click on the upload button and then on the install button. Now one would reach template manager from where one can easily select the radio button for the new template.

– Now is the last step in which one has to click on the default as with this the new template is going to become the default template and the customization process ends up here.

If one wants to edit the CSS and HTML areas of a template then this can be done easily by just setting the Edit CSS and Edit HTML buttons which are present in the template manager.

This is the step by step process of how can customizing Joomla templates can be done. One thing that all the new and existing Joomla users have to know is that one can easily change the template for ones Joomla website whenever required. For this one has to go to the template manager and make a click on the button called the radio button for the template that one wants to finalize. Last step of this process is clicking on the default button.

One last thing that the users eager to perform customization have to know is that customizing Joomla templates does not asks for altering the templates with which one had received Joomla earlier. Customizing Joomla template is easy and if done in an easy way can turn a dull looking website into an attention grabbing one.

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