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Joomla templates at a glance

Joomla templates at a glance

We have all been coming across a whole lot of fuss about the new Joomla template customization. Haven’t we? But! Like many of us, you too might be wondering what a Joomla template does; rather what a template is in the first place and what purpose does it solve.

A template is basically a framework that controls the overall look and layout of a site. It is used to manipulate the way content is delivered to a viewer. It may include your web-page’s layout, color-scheme, effects, images, fonts and so on. So templates are nothing but the controlling components or elements which give your webpage or website its desired look.

The prime purpose of using templates in Joomla or any other Joomla CMS system platform is the creation of aesthetics i.e. the look, feel and layout of your site. Such creation of aesthetics includes decision-making as to the usage of appropriate content elements like modules and plug-ins that you want to place in your given pages. But this process requires a lot of sincere planning as for instance- while producing a web-site, you may want to produce different looks for every page and this is when the role of template comes in. A template controls the look of your website and can make it extra-ordinarily convenient for you to create new pages.

Joomla templates offer some of the most exclusive and attractive features such as flexibility, easy navigation, site attraction, consumer designing and a wide range of design options. Besides being user-friendly, Joomla templates also play a vital role in time-saving. Where it takes months together to develop and bring your website online, with Joomla template customization, you can get started with your websites within hours. With the Joomla template customization, one can create the most attractive and unique websites over the internet. These impressive and exclusive Joomla templates are designed by the highly skilled professional designers and can be purchased either from any of the sites directly or you can also become a member of a Joomla club and save good amounts of money.

You may come across thousands of free templates on the internet but Joomla premium templates are undoubtedly the ideal choice for all those who want to have some of the most attractive web pieces with the best possible flexibility and the ease-of-use.

Joomla templates are both a bane and a boon. Joomla templates are what you will use to plan and design the layout of your Joomla website. They are a bane because they may limit your web design options. On the other hand, you need little or even zero knowledge of PHP or HTML to create and manage a dynamic, powerful website.

There are countless Joomla templates available online. Some of these templates are free, some commercial.

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