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Do Something Special For Your Favorite Daddy

Do Something Special For Your Favorite Daddy

With the month of June flying by, one of the most under celebrated holiday’s approaches, Father’s Day. In fact, this June 21st will mark the 100th anniversary of this holiday.

It’s no secret that this day comes every June, but why does this holiday lack the enthusiasm and love that Mother’s Day receives?

Sure fathers’ don’t bear children or share some of the grueling experiences of motherhood, but nevertheless, they have their own special roles and we love them just the same.

So this year, why not make the centennial anniversary of Father’s Day a memorable one. Here are some of our suggestions that will make any Daddy’s day:

1) Electronics-


You can always find your father, grandfather, husband in awe of a new gadget. Whether it is a new flat screen, a new surround system, or an iPod, this category of presents is a sure hit with the fellas.

2) Anything Sport Related-


Every father out their likes to watch sports or play sports, one of the two. Surprise your dad this year with tickets to the next Yankees game or a new set of gulf clubs. This gift will speak volumes and it’s something you can actually take part in as well.

3) Food (maybe some beer too)-


They say the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. Celebrate Father’s Day in his favorite restaurant or better yet make those steaks he’s been craving for. As long as he’s fed either way, all will be great in the world. And to score some extra brownie points, have his favorite 6 pack on demand.

4) Lingerie-

Of course this option does not mean purchasing a cheesy male thong for him to wear, it means for his favorite lady to spice it up for him on his special day. Dress up as a policewoman, a sexy nurse, naughty school girl, or in his favorite teddy.

Sexy Busted Policewoman Costume, Sexy Hot Flash Costume, Sexy Schoolgirl Costume, Lace Teddiette

Be sure to get your complete look from and make this Father’s Day one he won’t forget!

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