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Dump GoDaddy on Target

Dump GoDaddy on Target

GoDaddy is soon going out of business it seems. The internet hosting site that registers domain is being boycotted by internet users in support of the much hyped SOPA bill. The Stop Online Piracy Act bill called upon the “Dump GoDaddy Day.” People have already switched their loyalties and have registered their business with other competitors.

GoDaddy too has responded. It is now opposing the SOPA, which is yet to face a vote in the House of Representatives next month. It is also opposing PIPA which is a bill in Senate that protects IP.

December 22 saw the posting of a list of companies that support SOPA and GoDaddy was on the list. Soon a boycott was proposed to be carried out on December 29. However GoDaddy soon responded saying that the boycott prompt has not affected its business by any means and that there are many opinions on which they differ from SOPA.

Soon there were many users who switched and transferred their domains before the official boycott day. And to top it all, GoDaddy soon reversed its statement saying, that protecting online privacy is of utmost importance. But it could not amend the loss, people had already left GoDaddy and among significant names were Ben Hugh and Jimmy Wales followed suit. Alan Schaaf, the owner of which is an image sharing site has also transferred its domain away from GoDaddy.

GoDaddy however played safe later by withdrawing its support from the SOPA and choosing not to comment or criticize the SOPA. Following the boycott there were several rival sites like the NameCheap which offered low cost transfers and other registrars such as Dreamhost, HostGator, and alike offered such promotions.

A discussion up on the GoDaddy support forum said that until GoDaddy takes back its opposition to SOPA and other such legislations, people will continue to boycott it.

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