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Editing a WordPress Website

Editing a WordPress Website

The level of difficulty in editing a WordPress website depends on whether one is simply editing a page, or editing the theme itself. For the most part, with just entry-level knowledge of HTML, editing a page a simple page is very easy. It gets harder the more you consider the layout of the page. Some are more complicated than others. But if editing the theme is the main goal, a web developer may be needed. I will explain the difference between the 2 types of edits so that a proper course of action can be implemented.

Editing a WordPress Page

If you are editing the way content is presented on a page, you must first login to your WordPress installation. Type your domain name in the address bar, and add ‘wp-admin’ at the end. You will be taken to the login screen. Enter your username and password, and you will be taken to the backend of your installation. Simply click on ‘pages’ in the left menu panel, and select the page you’d like to edit. If you see that your content includes ‘div’ tags, and you do not know any CSS, you may want to study it before you attempt to edit the page.

Editing a WordPress Theme

If it is the look of the website itself that needs to be changed, more knowledge of HTML, CSS, and WordPress design is required. If you already know a little HTML and CSS, you can try to do this yourself. Under the ‘Appearance’ tab in the left panel, select ‘editor’. From the editor page, you can select the files that make up the WordPress theme you have activated. Perhaps the most important file you will be editing here is the ‘style.css’ file. If you need to edit some of the HTML, you will have to access either the ‘index.php’ or the ‘page.php’ file. Edit the ‘index.php’ file if you are editing the home page, and the ‘page.php’ file if you are editing any other page. This has been a brief introduction to editing your WordPress website. There is much more to know, and how much you need to know will depend on the extent to which the website must be edited. There are many resources online where one can learn how to do this, however, it does take time to learn. Another way is to get it done by a web developer. Whether you want to do it yourself, or get it done by someone else, editing a WordPress website will be important to keep your visitors interested.

My name is Nadia Nasrallah, and I am a professional web developer.  I like to teach beginners how to create or edit their own websites. 

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