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Expired Domain Names

Expired Domain Names

Are you looking at putting your business online but do not have a domain name registered for it yet? Have you already found the right domain name but is it already registered to someone else? If these are a few problems that you face then you can get an expired domain name for your website.

There are many domain name owners who dont bother about renewing their domain names. They either let the domain name expire due to lack of interest or because they have many similar domain names. Sometimes they forget to pay the domain registrar to renew it.

A domain name becomes available to anyone once the registration expires or lapses. However, the domain name should go through a few steps before it can be available to anyone who wants to register it.

Owning an expired domain name is not bad. It does not lose its value just because its previous owner let it expire. Having an expired domain name can be helpful as the domain name has been around for sometime and hence has been aged in the eyes of the search engine. Also if a domain name has been previously used, then you may get all the links and traffic that used to previously go to the domain name if you register it to your name.

When a domain name expires it goes through a grace period before becoming available to be registered by someone. This grace period can last from a couple of weeks to up to a year. This is followed by a redemption period. This is usually 30 days. During this period all the owners information is removed from the domain. However, they still have the ability to reinstate it. At the end of these periods, the domain name can be purchased.

Some registrars let you backorder expired domain names. When you back order a domain name, the domain name in question will be monitored and as soon as it becomes available, the registrar will inform you about it or will attempt to register it in your name.


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