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Features in a Trustworthy Website Hosting

Features in a Trustworthy Website Hosting

If you are willing to run a website and wants to earn from it then after registering domain name the second thing is website hosting. It’s not so easy to choose a reliable hosting, because of so misleading advertisements on internet. On internet you can find a lot of websites offering website hosting services. If you search on popular search engine, you will find billions of results about web hosting.

It’s a fact that reliable website hosting is important and you can’t deny this fact. If you want to be successful than online web presence is important. Businesses with online presence are so much successful as compare to traditional businesses.

To entertain yourself with a trustworthy web hosting, your website hosting provider should offer the below features in a moderate price.

Web space:

You should have enough web space to meet your website’s requirements. If you are running a website with static no graphical material then you shouldn’t have to arrange a web hosting with so much web space. But in case of heavy graphical material like Pictures, Videos and Online Chat Room, You have to purchase a hosting with minimum web space of 10 GB in initial time. The more space your website needs the more prices will be charged by your hosting provider. So you should have a great investment if you have a website wanting a lot of website space.


Whenever your website is visited by a user, it consumes bandwidth of your hosting. If your website is heavy in sense of material on your website then every visit will be costly for you. The website should be light and easy to open; otherwise it could be a factor of low users on your web. You can estimate your website bandwidth consumption by its material before launching a website. A tip for less consumption of bandwidth is uploading material like pictures on websites like Picasa and linking image from Picasa to your web.

Up time or visibility:

You may familiar about website’s uptime. On many hosting providers websites you they are guaranteeing uptime of 99 % and more. But you should be careful in choosing a website hosting because of misleading guarantees of hosting providers. If your website has an uptime of 99 % then it means that your website will be available for users 24/7.

Cheap Web Hosting:

At the start of a website it’s difficult to arrange an expensive web hosting and if you are worried about it then here is good news for you that you don’t have to buy an expensive hosting, because your website doesn’t need dedicated servers at initial time. Web hosting in Pakistan is cheap as compare to other territories of the world because of low interest rates and currency value in this country.

Your Own Hosting Business:

If you want to run your own web hosting business and you don’t have good funds than Reseller Hosting is a good way of starting your own business. Resellers are available in market in just few dollars per month with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Customer Care:

Technical support is also an essential for your website, if you don’t want any break in hosting services. International hosting providers provides 24/7 live support but local hosting providers don’t offer this kind of quality service. Before purchasing hosting package you should consider live support quality of hosting company.

I am content writer and running my own websites containing Online Chat Room. In my opinion Web hosting in Pakistan is a good way of saving money.

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