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How To Build A Business Website Easily

How To Build A Business Website Easily

When it comes to website building basics the first things you need are the purchase of a domain name and web hosting. There are many domain name registries from one of which you could purchase a domain name. Some of them do the webhosting also. It is a better option to get both from the same company as you will have less trouble when you do so. One thing you need to ensure when you buy your webhosting package is to get 24 hour support. Many companies don’t come to your help unless it is a problem with their account.

Once you have found your web hosting company and you have registered your domain, you need to decide what type of website you will need. It could be a blog or a static website. When it comes to a website, it could be a simple business website or an e-commerce website in which you could do your selling.


Blogs are the easiest of the sites to build. The most suitable software for building a blog is WordPress. Some webhosting companies offer WordPress software in their control panels and you could install it in just one click. Then you could build your blog using the word press themes and templates. It will take only a short time for you to build your website. However, if your web hosting company doesn’t provide this facility, you could download the software and do the installation yourself in order to build your blog.

Business website

Building a business website may be easy when you use an updating tool such as CMS (content management system). Whenever you need to add pages you could do so with Joomla or Drupal. Both these are similar programs and the instructions on set up and use are there for you to read before using the programs.

E-Commerce website

Shopping cart is one of the important aspects of an e-commerce site. There are a few free shopping carts available in the internet and there is the possibility for you to install one of them in your website. There are also some shopping carts you could purchase. With free shopping carts you need to use frequent updates because hackers like them most. Therefore, very often they send you patches to save the cart from hackers. Even such careful updates and protective measures are not able to keep the hackers away. Therefore it is a better option to buy a shopping cart. However decision is yours.

It is essential for you to know something about how to build your website also. While some people use HTML for website building there are others who use CSS. The latter which is called the cascading style sheets is easier to use. In order to use it, you need to learn CSS. There are lots of online tutorials and books for you to read and learn it. Once you are comfortable with CSS you could use it and build your website. In case you need to add graphics to your website, you need to use a program such as Adobe Photoshop.

For a simple 5 step tutorial on how to make a website visit,

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