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How to install Windows 7 on Mac

How to install Windows 7 on Mac

The article intends to help users install the latest Windows 7 operating system on their stylish Mac computers using simple methods. The methods described in this article are reliable and correct to the date. It is recommended to take the utmost care while following the instructions in order to ensure that Windows 7 successfully installs on the Mac computer.

Are you one of those Mac users who want to install Microsoft’s Windows 7 on their computer but are going in circles in the lack of proper instructions? If yes, then you are in the right place. See the step by step instructions below to install Windows 7 on your stylish Mac computer.


First ensure that you have purchased a genuine Windows 7 copy, must have upgraded to Boot Camp 3.1, and have downloaded and installed all the firmware updates on your Mac. Besides, you would need to have the original Windows 7 installation disc, Snow Leopard\OS X Leopard installation disc, and around 35GB (more would be better) of free space on the hard drive.

Let’s begin with the installation. Close all the windows or programs that are currently opened on your Mac computer screen. Browse to Applications> click on Utilities> and then double click on Boot Camp Assistant. When the window comes up, click on the Continue button and ignore if you don’t see Windows 7 among the possible OS installations.

It’s time for allocating space to Windows 7 (better known as disc partitioning) for installation. It is better to allocate 25GB of space to Windows 7 in order to avoid frequent crashes or malfunctioning of programs. Use the small divider between the Mac OS X and Windows to change the disc space allocation and drag it to the left side (on the side of Windows to increase the disc space). After you are done with the desired space allocation, click on the Partition button. Wait until the process finishes. Be patient as it may take some time. When finished, you will notice that a new BOOTCAMP drive icon is showing up on your desktop. Now put the Windows 7 installation disc into the drive and click on the Start Installation button (when the installation wizard opens up) at the bottom right hand corner to initialize the process.

Wait while your Mac is starting and Windows 7 is booting up. When prompted, select the partition you want Windows 7 to be installed on. Click to select Disk 0 Partition 3 BOOTCAMP (always choose the disk with BOOTCAMP in the name. selecting some option other than this will cause serious issue in your Mac) and click on the Drive options (advanced) link. Click on the Format link with the Disk 0 Partition 3 BOOTCAMP still selected as the option. When the warning message occurs, click on the OK button. This will initialize the Windows 7 installation. Wait until the process finishes and tell you that Windows 7 has been successfully installed on your computer. This may take some time so be patient until your Mac has automatically rebooted. Remove the Windows 7 installation disk while Mac is rebooting. This will allow Mac to automatically reboot in Windows 7 operating system. When the computer loads up, you will be prompted to make a language selection or keyboard layout among other things.

Follow the instructions to complete the process. When finished, Mac will restart again and load Windows 7. When done with the loading, Windows 7 will begin downloading latest Windows updates. When finished downloading updates, your computer will prompt you to boot again, click on the Restart now button to let the changes saved. When the Windows 7 loads up after rebooting, you might not find no audio drivers are installed to play the sound.

To install the audio drivers, insert your Snow Leopard disk into the drive of your computer. When prompted with a window, click on Run setup.exe under Install or run program, follow the instructions like accepting the license agreement, and finish the process. When done, you will have audio drivers installed on your Mac to play the sound.

Additional Tips:

It is recommended to follow the instructions carefully as a small mistake can lead to severe problems in your computer.

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